Thursday, June 5, 2008

Vivian Girls

OMG remember everything I said about Beaches? Ditto: Vivian Girls

Katy, Frankie and Cassie sound more like cast members of Dawson's Creek than garage, punk rock performers, which goes to show you mustn't judge a book by its cover! As Vivian Girls, the band are currently planning a re-release of their debut, self-recorded vinyl after it sold out in record time (read: like, less than a week!) Picked up by In The Red, its sure to bring them the attention they deserve. Plus, they are currently working on a cassette-only release titled Scavenger Hunt that they'll issue later in the year. How cool.

How did I miss these guys? On a rainy Thursday arvo you can stumble upon an unassuming blog post that can literally destroy the thought you have any idea you know what you are doing at all. Cant know about every band right? (Maybe I SHOULD start researching nins!) At least GorillaVsBear have their finger on the pulse. Thank you Gorilla!

Listen to their stuff and download 'Tell The World' at their Myspace

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