Friday, March 28, 2008

summer heights high

One of Perez's favorite shows 'Summer Heights High' is set to air internationally this year, finding a home at BBC3 in the U.K. and on the HBO network (home to any TV show you're watching on DVD right now) in America. I wonder if the 'Jonah-quoting' will take off.... if it doesn't rest assured that the equivalents (à la 'The Office') will follow shortly for both countries.

Plus if the show is half as successful as it was here, he can release the heinous Mr G single in those countries too and make lots of trillions of dollaz.

*FUN FACT*- Chriss Lilley went to Barker College! So did movestiller Anna Lunoe! Sick party.


Anonymous said...

i think this guy is so genius no one could pull these characters off like him they are so realistic sometimes. apparently hes shy off screen

SHHfan said...

Omg you would not think that. I have to agree with you he is a genius. But how successful do you think it will be in America and the UK? xox