Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bargain bin

If this is legit, I'll cry

Ciara 'High Price' [z share]

To be honest, the tears started the moment her hollow operatics kicked in but they'll continue as we 1, 2 Step all the way to the funeral of her once-missy-heralded-'princess'-ass if really is her new single. Please, someone, tell me this isn't for real.


In other news,

French band FEELING THE LOVE are amazing and my new (ever changing, I know) favourite band! If you head to RCRDLBL you can listen to and download some of their noise. Here's the direct link for you

and happy 50th birthday NASA! Space just isn't the same without you

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


olympic fever? forget about it!

i got the voicemail!

How many times have you dreaded calling someone? You want to text or email but you know you can’t. So you put it off for as long as you can, then finally call hoping with every ounce of your being that the message will go straight to voicemail. Of course they pick up after one ring.
A service called Slydial lets you connect directly with another person's mobile phone voicemail by bypassing the traditional ringing process. You no longer have to wait til he's in a movie, in the “black zone” of Redfern, in a train tunnel or on a plane to Ballina to place the stressful break up call!
Recipients of the Slydial call would get a voicemail notification, and sometimes a 'missed call' notification. It can be useful not only in the dating scene, but also in the hectic business world says the service’s founder.
Right now, it’s only available in America but I’m sure it will hit our shores soon. Otherwise you can just wait till your next trip there, use the service and call everybody you’re avoiding at once. Either way.

Here's a song I like from the 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' soundtrack called 'Phone call' by Jon Brion.

Friday, July 25, 2008

i can haz weekend

happy birthday bandits.

why so surious? sursly.

this pre-heath's passing post proves how long i've been waiting for the dark knight. it didn't disappoint as i'm sure you and everyone you know agrees ("this post is so last week").
the movie continues to break box office records worldwide with 75% of moviegoers saying they will be going back to the cinema to see it for a second time. its a shame that christian bale's performance is being overshadowed by his mother and sister's craziness.
anyway here's a photo of rose.

peaches and cream

i'm dying my hair next week so i was most shocked to hear that a report is insisting that peaches geldof's collapse/ drug overdose last weekend was caused by her inadvertently inhaling fumes from hair dye. apparently, she forgot to open a window.
bear in mind, paramedics were called to the scene to revive her after she lost consciousness and she asked for the incident to be kept secret.
that has to be one of the more whack excuses ever babe! tell us what really happened! go on!


the soup has been one of my favourite tv shows since like 2005. joel mchale is the perfect host. and with segments like chat stew, "chickssss maaaan", what the kids are watching, reality show clip time and let's take some E!... there really is something for everyone.

highlights have included the clip oft featured of oprah saying "my va-jay-jay is painin'!" while hanging from a harness and the one of whitney houston yelling "kiss my ass!" at her husband. my favourite has to be ann curry on the today show with "good morning, good morning everybody, in the news this morning, good morning."

anyway here's something.

and here's a photo of christina with joel mchale. she said "i love you" and he said "no i love YOU".... oh, joel!

and here are some photos of christina from her upcoming book "where's schroeter?".

wait what was i talking about?

for sophie

love perez xx

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

little drummer boy

Sad admission: I have always had a thing for drummers.

Great news: According to the BBC they are the best band-member to go for!

Perhaps Olympics officials should consider including a Drummathon in the upcoming games?

lego stephen hawking


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i fought the law

Jeff Deck had seen a lot of misspellings on signs around his city, and one day he decided he just couldn't take it anymore. He got together the Typo Eradication Advancement League (TEAL) and set off on a nationwide quest to repair the mistakes by any means necessary, including chalk and adhesive letters. For the next three months, the four team members travelled highways and byways wielding the red pen of justice and blogging their exploits.

What is far more important in my eyes is a body that monitors misuse of punctuation or phrases. I stumbled upon this genius website a couple of weeks ago that documents the errors behind the eternally misunderstood punctuation mark known as quotation marks. The above picture in particular has all kinds of shenanigans going on. Since when do labs rate real estate agents and if it’s not "an independent lab", WHAT IS IT?

Like the misuse of the term “begging the question” (don’t even go there), another issue causing a ruckus in the grammar circles at the moment is the misuse of the word literally. When speaking of a married couple, a writer proclaimed that- “...they are literally two peas in pod”.... well no, they’re not. Because that would be just be creepy. Another tried to say that a football player “literally blew up all the defenders and ran for a touchdown every time”.

All this reminded of a show I heard on NPR with a Missouri man whose official legal name is They. Formerly known as Andrew Wilson, They says that he changed his name because he wanted to have fun and test the limits of English grammar. For example, "They is here" is now proper English.

fasssssh rassssssh

Street fashion blogs confuse me.

Reason one: Who has the time to walk the streets of any major city taking pictures of people's interesting outfits? Don't they have commitments that occupy their time? Like work? Or School? Or fasssshhh college/film school?

Reason two: Who are the people who wander the streets all day looking good? Don't they have commitments that occupy their time? Like work? Or School? Or fasssshhh college/film school?

Reason three: Most of the images are uninspiring and carbon copies of each other. If I see another skinny guy with a black hat, pointy leather shoes, open shirt over a tee and skin-tight black jeans with his mouth open in a "heyyy sick partyyyy!!!!" pout I think I'll have to turn gay.

I guess the appeal is that it is an opportunity for people to see themselves made 'famous' in public forums. Just like 1,000+ images in the SNAP section of Brag, duh!

If I had a website that was about fashion and street style, I'd post pictures like the one below.

Because she was in theme, looked amazing that night, and I imagine its a pretty safe bet that no one would be spotted perusing a design store, hipster market or coffee shop in anything similar!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Heart Technology

Ever since I was like 5 I've been secretly waiting for the day that I could live like The Jetsons. I couldn't wait to have a robot maid or to eat a food supplement tablet for dinner or for my Dad to work at a sprocket factory. And the best bit was that it was all going to happen by the year 2000. I was pretty much set for life when those things came along. But then all of sudden the amazing technological advances Hanna-Barbara promised me just never happen. Wtf? Seriously, WTF? I think a little piece of me died inside when the millennium came and went and still I was yet to own a hover board. 

Well, today I was shown this and my dream of living like a Jetson just got a little bit closer. Its a digital e-paper bracelet. Basically, the old skool way of reading the newspaper in on the way out (I never got why they're always so ridiculously oversized anyways?) and this is the way of the future. So you wear it like a bracelet BUT it receives frequent news updates and you can straighten it out like a slap-band and read all the latest. Apparently these are due to be released in the next 5 years.


Friday, July 18, 2008

the magic number

I'm not usually a superstitious person, but things keep happening to me in bunches of three. I was given three coffee's instead of two because they accidentally made an extra. I'll have three completely unexpected meetings with people I haven't seen in equally lengthy periods. I'll get a chicken salad from Malibu three times, I'll break three glasses ... Three has been ruling my life for the past, oh I don't know, three weeks?

So. What am I getting at? How many times have I posted about Kid Cudi? Twice... until now! Snap!

Last night Cudi released his latest mixtape A Kid Named Cudi. Including old faves and some new gems, its free from his website,


My friend Daniel and I were in an amazing supermarket in San Francisco and he started eating out of the pick-n-mix. Probs a Tootsie Roll or something. I found it really hot. Sadly he's a massive fag so it didn't go any further, but my new found love affair with theft has since flourished.

I'm in London now, and I think it's because of the lame Australian exchange rate (movestill: a freakin' fun currency blog) but I keep finding myself wanting to steal. I was in Topshop today and started to fantasize about pocketing a ring. It was cool, a giant flower. But it was £10, and I'm not really wearing rings at the moment. But it would be cool to own. It's just so big! I ended up leaving it behind because I heaps didn't feel like getting caught or deported. The whole moral dimension of stealing didn't really cross my mind.

When I was in Par, our bathroom was really hideous, so we had to buy incense to mask the stench. FIVE euros FFS! I just felt so entitled to steal it. But the same paranoid logic haunted me: get caught, deported. So bought the incense: hippy.

So was just wondering if anyone has stolen anything good lately? Grapes at the supermarket? Ideas? Someone else's boyfriend? Underwear (apparently stealing underwear is a universal teenage experience)?

Can you help me think of another reason I should not steal apart from that getting caught would be The Worst?


(sorrr about this pathetic post title... just having a slow morning)

Remember when I was talking about computer games taking over the world?

News broke overnight that Metallica are planning to release their next album Death Magnetic through Guitar Hero.

I get karaoke. You sing really loudly and out of tune and people can laugh at you and you can laugh at them. Peach's birthday karaoke last year was balla - we sung Spice Up Your Life and performed all the moves in sync. But Guitar Hero? Do you even get to make any sound at all? Apart from, of course, the sound of your fingers moving through air as you 'strum'...??

The worst thing about the whole project isn't the fact that Metallica are releasing another album, nor is it the notion that a computer game is an acceptable avenue through which music can be released world wide (how much is it to buy this game? $80? CDs cost $21.95!) The worst thing about this is that the Guitar Hero Metallica Xxxxperience is being released on September 22. My birthday. What a nice present.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

chicago, san francisco bay.

so the aussie dollar has reached 98 cents USD. and with the open air agreement signed between the us and our homeland earlier this years, return flights to LA look to plummet to under $999 a pop.

work it.

"the artistic crime of the century"

just watching some of these scenes gives me vertigo. this is a trailer for 'man on wire', a documentary that comes out later this year about philippe petit who, thanks to his friends, managed to sneak into the world trade centre in 1974 and do a high-wire act between the twin towers.


When MIA announced she was quitting the music biz to try her hand at clothing, I was a little skeptical... but it seems she HAS actually been putting together a fashion collection!

To see the range head to her website (and watch out for the hilariously tragic moment where one poor dog isn't as excited as its companion... poor thing!)


Do you have a spare 800 euros?

All you need now is the permanent cigarette in your mouth, a strong French accent, a weird relationship with Kanye West and hit songs.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

fear and loathing

The increds Hipster Runoff just posted an article questioning the relevance of female singers who don't play instruments. These two pics made me LOL over and over again, and after running commentary on Movestill for a while now, I think it is time to lock the lid nice and tight on Ms Winehouse. Because you can't do better than these two pictures.

Holy shit. Over and over again.

Check the article here

sesame st


and a classic...

credit: sleaterrr

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

weezy lotus

I've already spoken about Flying Lotus here and here but when you are on to a good thing, why quit?

I got pretty excited today when I saw that Gorilla Vs Bear had posted a Flying Lotus rework of A Millie!

Listen and download free here

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

kiss the girls

Sometimes I feel The Fader is my bestest friend in the whole world. Fader is there when I need, always introduces me to new tunes and never complains when I replay them over and over and over again.

A while ago Fader introduced me to Southern MC Izza Kizza when he supported Switch and Santogold at a Studio B Fader Party (jealous, much?) and today, BFFader posted Georgie Porgie - a new single from the Timbaland protege.

Izza's work with New Jersey production duo Soul Diggaz caught they ears of Timbaland, who signed him to Mosley Music. They are currently working on a mixtape with Catchdubs called Kizzaland, which will be out July 29. Details are at his myspace (link above) where you can also register for a free copy to be sent direct to your mailbox on the release date.

While talking Myspace, click away and you can download some mixtape previews, including this killer featuring Missy Elliot

Walk The Dog mp3 [z share]

Then head to The Fader for a listen/free download of Georgie Porgie, its the best song I've heard all day! The 90s style, melodic hip hop production, themes of sincerity and oh-so-sweety sung chorus line reminds me of Kid Cudi... have a listen and let me know what you think.

Monday, July 7, 2008

"each new day was my favourite"

the bestseller "not quite what I was planning", consists solely of people's six-word memoirs. its inspiration was ernest hemingway's response when challenged to write a stort in just six words: "for sale: baby shoes, never worn."

author larry smith then began collecting submissions from writers, celebrities and others, such as this one "girlfriend is pregnant, my husband said." and aimee mann: "couldn't cope so I wrote songs."

you can read more on smith's website, , where each day he publishes 10 new entries

Thursday, July 3, 2008


As just about every piece on the BORING Australia's Next Top Model finale (especially boring when watched in 9 separate YouTube parts) points out, Jodhi Meares' absence as host was so. freaking. weird.

She was clearly been sacked with ample time to prepare Charlotte Dawson as the (undoubtedly more skilled) host on the night, and for future series' of the show. Her token inclusion in 2 short pre-recorded packages during the epic episode were so solemn that I presumed she must've been absent due to a death in the family. (Though I was too scared to Google in case the results revealed the winner- it takes a while for YouTube's westicles88 to upload the episodes you see, and we wanted it to be a surprise!)

The result- a discussed below by Ezzy- was controversial, but it was also split. Three judges voted for Demelza, and the other three for Alex. (Though it was obvious that every single one of them was dying to just give it to Alice again!) Jodhi had been so seriously demoted that she wasn't even afforded a vote, an honor that last year she embarrassingly awarded to Steph (WHO?)

It was flat out ridiculous. If the High Court did away with its uneven panel, then they too would need to rely on the public vote to shape their decisions. (Not a bad idea in principle, but I'd actually prefer to not express my democratic voice on special leave corporations something v. BORING ). That the AuNTM verdict rested with the public vote was tacky and Big Brother-esque, something the show had usually tried to distance itself from. Moreover it was a tragic metaphor for the bullying escapades that coloured the show. It became a popularity contest and the prettiest girl won.

I can already see next years euphemistic marketing campaign: 'THIS YEAR, WE HAVE A WHOLE NEW TEAM, A NEW HOST, A NEW PANEL, NEW PRIZES.... AND A NEW BATCH OF WANNABE HOPEFULS. BUT WHO WILL BE THE NEW TOP MODEL'. Anyone with any shred of grace, intellegence or credibility will no doubt sever their ties with the show. It'll be all Jonathon and 12 poorly spoken babes from the Gold Coast.

I felt so sorry for Jodhi, her treatement on the finale was incredibly degrading. Granted she was fairly hopeless; her words form in JUST about THE weirdest INFLECTIONS i've EVER heard, and declared week after week at panel “I don't know, I can't bear it. It's just too hard this week!” But I had always liked her presence, she had both a good eye for beauty and fashion, and was incredibly warm and loving towards the contestants- seeing them as gorgeous three-dimensional young girls instead of merely bodies and faces.

It is a real warning to all those that have aspirations to be presenters in a commercial format- producers would rather dispense with instead of nurture you, even at the expense of the shows' coherence.

Cheers to you Jodhi; to your gratuitious 'h' (I have two, myself!), and to your dazzling array of bizarre and 'sexy' necklines.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Australia's Next Top Bully

Last night I went to the final of Australia's Next Top Model. I've never really been into the show and to be honest it's not really my thang, but we scored some free tickets though work and I got to leave work early to get there, so i figured it was worth the early mark. It was everything you'd expect it would be, a lot of mums and kids, B grade industry types and Napoleon Perdis.

I have to say I walked home through the grotesque Luna Park overbite feeling a whole lot more disappointed and angry than I had ever expected - and it had nothing to do with the fact that I had just spent 3 hours of my life mildly pissed that the free drinks I'd been promised weren't available until AFTER the filming.

The little I did know about this season's Next Top Model was that the whole series had been marred by all the bullying that went on during filming. You would expect a certain level of bitchiness with a bunch of girls competing to win a modeling contract, but there had been some extreme and absolutely horrible cases of bullying between competitors. 3 girls in particular relentlessly picked on one of the girls, Alemena. Unfortunately, none of these clips are available on youtube.

So as the show went on the issue of bullying was broached rather fleetingly and Demelza, the ring leader of the bitchtivities, offered an insincere apology directed more to the audience than her victim and obviously for the sake of the public vote. And when the votes were closed and counted guess who was announced the competition winner: the prime bitch herself, Demelza.

Its not like I would usually care who wins these things. The winner, whoever they are, will inevitably get their 15mins of minor Australian celebrity and then fade away to work at Muffin Break for the rest of their lives. The bit that got me though, was seeing the reaction of poor girl who was so horribly bullied. She broke down. Fully broke down. Not like "Oh my God I'm in a TV show and everything is so melodramatic" break down but more like "she made my life hell and she's been rewarded for it" break down and discretely ran off backstage in tears. I'm sure no camera captured it but it was absolutely heart-wrenching to witness.

What concerns me with this issue was the fact that the Australian ideology of "the fair go" was used to rationalize the whole incident. This girl made a token apology and told everyone that she'd learned her lesson while minutes later we're shown footage of her bitching at/about other girls. I'm not saying no one has the right to their own opinions or actions and I'm certainly not saying people don't deserve a second chance, but where do you draw the line? The thing we often forget when we offer someone another chance is the way that their actions have affected other people, possibly for the rest of their lives. So where do you just stop and say "you're an absolute cunt and you don't deserve another fair go"?

Bitch Science

Sibling bands are super cool, just look at The Fiery Furnaces and recent Wainwright collaborations!

My latest fave bro/sis band is Sydney's ginger-haired Bitch Science. Mitch looks like Patrick Wolf and Kate looks a little like Aggy, but with a little more character (Sopho Neha thoughts?)

Bitch Science Pseudo Boy mp3 (ZShare)

Vote for them on Tripple J's Unearthed so we can hear their songs on national radio sooner rather than later

(((((BY THE WAY... If you've been a little freaked out by their kissing picture on Myspace don't let it bother you too much - Mitch and Kate aren't actually related. But there I go spoiling their fun.))))

its been a while, but he's back on the blog

Do you think Jeezy took this before chatting with Jonathan?!

At first I thought this was Kanye just having a hilar, but then I read this:

On February the 27th, ABSOLUT® VODKA, the world’s most iconic spirits brand, will premiere Visionaries, a series of collaborations between ABSOLUT and some of the world’s leading creative lights in which the brand realizes their visions. Bold ideas that can only happen ‘In An ABSOLUT World’.

Just having a losing credibility, Mr West? Last week you disappoint the hippies by coming on stage hours and hours late and only performing half your set, and now you've teamed up with the world’s most iconic spirits brand... What would the hippies say now?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jay Z

Watch the second half of the interview at discobelle

And can anyone tell me who Jonathon Ross is?! He really goes dowwwwnnnnnnhill in the second vid - Jeezy deals with his ridiculous questions as best he can, and is actually quite insightful.

I love it when MEGASUPERSTARS seem like lovely people - I never need to meet them in real life, because I'd hate to be disappointed!

XXXclusive Emergency

I've posted about Melbourne duo The Emergency quite a bit. I've been a huge huge fan of their stuff for years (first as an electro-clashy four piece on Feral Media and now as a minimal disco inspired independent duo) and when I interviewed them for Pages Magazine in 2007 I fell in love with them - they're super sweet!

Rather than rushing their second album, they've been carefully composing and reworking tracks and taking time out to perfect their live show. Word from the boys is the record is now 80% finished, and to celebrate Morgan and Milo are releasing a 12" through Metal Postcard - a NY label I've blogged about previously on Movestill. Forever/Too Much is currently off getting pressed and you'll be able to grab copies on vinyl (white vinyl too) and CD here. Head there and you can also grab some free mp3s by ollo, dj foundation, dsico, wax audio, wel hung dj, and dj grandbrother as summer vibes seem to be making Metal Postcard all generous of spirit!

Speaking of generous of spirit, The Emergency were kind enough to send me though a preview of the 12" and said I could offer up an exclusive free mp3 download (...see what I mean about them being super sweet?!)

I thought you might like this one:

Too Much (Brothers Remix) (ZShare)

How great is the looped chorus, hand clap style bass thump and ascending/descending synth?! Amazing, right?!