Tuesday, July 8, 2008

kiss the girls

Sometimes I feel The Fader is my bestest friend in the whole world. Fader is there when I need, always introduces me to new tunes and never complains when I replay them over and over and over again.

A while ago Fader introduced me to Southern MC Izza Kizza when he supported Switch and Santogold at a Studio B Fader Party (jealous, much?) and today, BFFader posted Georgie Porgie - a new single from the Timbaland protege.

Izza's work with New Jersey production duo Soul Diggaz caught they ears of Timbaland, who signed him to Mosley Music. They are currently working on a mixtape with Catchdubs called Kizzaland, which will be out July 29. Details are at his myspace (link above) where you can also register for a free copy to be sent direct to your mailbox on the release date.

While talking Myspace, click away and you can download some mixtape previews, including this killer featuring Missy Elliot

Walk The Dog mp3 [z share]

Then head to The Fader for a listen/free download of Georgie Porgie, its the best song I've heard all day! The 90s style, melodic hip hop production, themes of sincerity and oh-so-sweety sung chorus line reminds me of Kid Cudi... have a listen and let me know what you think.

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