Friday, October 25, 2013

Karva Chauth

Karva Chauth was on Tuesday night. It is a one-day festival celebrated by married Hindu women in North India. You fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands. Tru luv, right?
In modern India, it's seen as a romantic festival akin to Valentine's Day. According to wiki, advertisers have also jumped on board, e.g. Chevrolet ran an ad in "which a man demonstrates his caring for his wife by buying a car with a sunroof so he can drive her around on Karva Chauth night until she spots the moon through it."
Here's my darling Mum looking up prayers and songs for the ceremony on YouTube- East meets West much? Or maybe, Old meets New. Either way, something meets something.
Mum fasted until she saw the moon at about 10.40pm on Tuesday. 
Her and my Dad had an arranged marriage 30 years ago, she was only 19 years old.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gravity Falls

Was I the only human on planet Earth who found 'Gravity' underwhelming and dare I say it, a bit boring?
Factors that could have effected this: I didn't watch it in 3D, I was a bit hungry during the viewing, I was distracted due to some #fullonshit that had happened that day, I find Sandra Bullock and George Clooney to both be at that 'too famous' level where I can't suspend belief and am like "Is George Clooney still dating Stacey Kiebler?"

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cat Got Your Tongue

Photographer Hannah Price takes portraits of men moments after they catcall her in her series "City of Love". She describes the process in an interview with 'The Morning News': “Once a guy catcalls me, depending on the situation, I would either candidly take their photograph or walk up to them and ask if I can take their photograph. They usually agree and we talk about our lives as I make their portrait.”
This is such an endlessly fascinating idea, to turn the tables and remove the veil of anonymity that these men hide behind. I think most women, have at some point experienced the uncomfortableness of being heckled by guys on the street or in a car driving past. 
Sometimes it's aggressive, sometimes it's scary, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's just stupid.  But the overwhelming reaction I have is contempt- how dare you make me feel unsafe and violated, even for a millisecond. I always think- what if this guy's girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter saw them right now.
Hannah Price's works are presented in a completely non-judgmental way- not vilifying these men, but rather showing us their humanity and ironically, vulnerability.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013



Monday, October 11, 2010

Party pages

It’s an honour to be the kind of blog that gets a book deal. The kind of book that leaves pundits wondering which industry - publishing or Internet- is in worse shape. The kind of pundits that get quoted by even worse pundits, whose 0 Comments standard of punditry you come across while doing a retroactive search to find a citation for something you did write but definitely wouldn’t fight for.

So a huge thanks to We Just Pressed Print! Press for offering to publish our blog in book form. It feels great to add ‘published author’ to the section of my CV where I say I once wrote a Hoops bio.

I’d been looking forward to the night of our book launch for several open tabs to many online stores selling numerous expensive variations of clothing I already own. And I felt very pleased with Book. Especially the chapters by sophie, because one of my favourite books is reading back over old blog posts that I’m secretly a little bit too proud of.

It was very special to have ‘eco lodges’ there as our keynote speaker, and I was quite humbled by the address: "Hello, good morning to all, I read his blog yesterday, comparing information, and reach the conclusion, that their information is very professional, I would love to have your blog update about Review of Baz Luhrmann's Australia. Thanks for creating and sharing this information. 玉の輿度チェッカーで簡単にお金持ちの相手をGET出来ますよ!!その理由は登録者を厳選して最低年収を1000万以上の稼ぎが無い方には、御遠慮うようにしているからです。これでアナタもこの不景気に、簡単に玉の輿に乗れちゃいますよ".

It really brought down the eco lodges.

Then I was asked to say a few words. I opened with: ‘Thanks everyone for coming out tonight, and I don’t have much to add except that I really hope this book gets nominated for THE BLOGGER!’ and everyone laughed and laughed because I had said something about Internet while we weren’t at our Internet!! But tirelessly graceful blogger that I am, I decided to rear-end my moment with a frantic… ’Like you know, The Blogger like-as-in The BOOKER’, gurgling a bit, and then having to bend down and pick up shards from a very, very recently smashed glass of wine.

Also pretty kewt was how I was actually THE ONLY BLOGGER who decided to BOTHER TURNING UP. Michaella has moved to New York, what’s everyone else’s excuse?

In fact, the only other guests at the entire event were a mid-30s puffy-faced couple, who’d ended up at the launch because they’d been running late and had missed the play that they didn’t even really want to see. They’d admirably tried to rescue their evening via the aesthetic rhetoric of A Bookstore, but sat agitated in the corner, swapping small comments that were either hopeful, patronising, exhausted or sour; inspecting each other with highly skeptical glances.

They said they didn’t want to have their picture taken, so,

Movestill: Freakin’ Fun Book is available for $34.95 at NO BOOKSTORES BECAUSE MADE UP BLOG POST.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Surry Hills Ghost Story

It was a dark and stormy night, so everyone was at Lebanese restaurants or staying in watching the Lil Wayne documentary.

All but for one sharehouse in Surry Hills, which settled on this fateful night for their…. HOUSE WARMING PARTY.

The pastel bicycles stacked up on their stoop cast shadows like mangled bodies.

There was an ominous pile of wet coats near the front door. Like the uniforms of fallen soldiers: khaki parka upon khaki parka, all with cinched waists.

The house was a chamber of unsettling sounds. Tropical jamz wafted up and down the stairs and in to the empty street. The music played on and on, as different people convinced of the superiority of their music taste floated in and out behind the DJ decks.

The upstairs balcony of the spoilt-girl-pretending-to-slum-it creaked, the wood drenched in mulled wine that really just tasted like the sum of its parts. The soft hiss of bulbs being inhaled in the next room. And the hushed tones of an art collective talking about an upcoming installation- a projection of something, on to something else.

All the girls at the party looked through each other with gashing stares, like they might secretly check the same fashion blogs. That conventionally-pretty but not even remotely high-fash girl from school was there, except she’d become really cool. As though someone who worked at Incu person had skinned her and was wearing her face as a mask.

Most of Bridezilla was there.

And then she entered. A stranger with old, pale eyes. The confidence to pull off a dress with a long-hemline, and cropped orange hair that was immediately distinct from the sea of buns piled at the apex of all other heads. Silence fell, Nobody had ever seen this person before. Or anyone like her.

She glided in to conversations with a preordained ease. Her giggle equal parts childlike and shrill. Her insights peppered with things she’d read in UHH, Das Superpaper, Time Out Sydney, Ampersand, Two Thousand, Three Thousand, Four Thousand,, the Pedestrian Daily Mailout, the Pedestrian Weekly Mailout. It was all terrifyingly correct.

You got home to find that she had requested your friendship on Facebook. You already had 54 friends in common. You waited a day to accept the friendship, and in the lapse of time, 121 mutual friends materialised. She asked you to join Groups, to become a Fan of things. She gradually hooked up with about 6-8 of your dearest male friends.

These days, she is at every party you ever go to. And she will continue to be, for the rest of your life.

From time to time she even suggests you two should ‘catch up’.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

slumdog amillionaire

14 things i learnt in india...

- in india, people drink buffalo milk not cows milk. cow's milk there is not of a high quality because the breed of cows there is different to what they call "american cows". another thing about cows there is that i feel like they know they're the holy animal of the nation. they really have attitude.

#2- at the end of wedding ceremonies, the bride and the girls side of the family all cry on command (because they are "losing" their daughter to the boy's family) and the groom's family dances (because they are acquiring a new daughter). it's a strange scene and makes for a compelling photo when both sides of the family are together outside crying or dancing.

#3- they have a really popular drink there called "frootie". it's a mango juice drink and is fuck-off delicious. mango is basically the most popular flavour of anything flavoured- lollies, ice-cream, lassi etc. mango, mango and more mango.

- it gets really cold in the north in winter. who knew! the north gets crippled by heavy fog for weeks almost every winter too making it impossible to travel by car, train, plane... or camel.

#5- saturday is a normal work/school/college day, i.e. 1 day-weekend- sunday. christmas day is also a normal day. however many people go home for lunch for an hour or two everyday.

#6- almost 100% likely that when driving you'll see someone pissing on the side of the road, it's not uncommon to see someone taking a shit either. while on our trip, we were on a long drive and me and my sister think we heard our driver (our family had hired a car and a driver for a day trip) pissed in a cup while we were all in the car. MASSIVE statues and temples on sides of road are also quite common and people don't even bat an eyelid.

#7- neha is a very popular girls name in india. while i was there two girls named neha committed suicide and made headline news (one of them because she was 11 years old. her parents had taken her out of dance classes so she could concentrate on her studies). india has the highest suicide rate in the world.

#8- everyone i know in india had at least three servants. one to wash the dishes (human dishwasher), one to clean and one to cook. the rampant poverty means dirt cheap labour so everyone can afford help around the house.

#9- when sick in a village, you will probably be taken to a medicine man who will do some massages and acupuncture and give you herbal remedies. they work! and they're fast!

#10- bryan adams is really big over there. he tours there a fair bit apparently. my cousin had summer of '69 as her ringtone, another one had a tape playing in the car when we were driving and whistling along to "straight from the heart".

- family homes have the patriarch's names on the outside of them. this is the house my dad grew up in. potalia is spelt this way because it was the first time they had translated it to english and made a mistake.

#12- weddings last about 10 days, give or take. there are 4 days of ceremonies previous and 3 days of rituals aftewards. this is me giving my cousin a cornflour scrub to cleanse him (mentally and physically) for the wedding. this happens in the 3 days leading up to the wedding.

#13- you can buy anything through your window on the side of the road. literally anything. here are some young boys in new delhi selling pirated bestsellers- n.b. dan brown and twilight. these books will often have entire sections missing from them or covers that don't match the stories inside.

#14- public bathrooms are labelled 'he' and 'she'.

photo credit: me (it's weird i'm not even a professional photographer or anything)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Richard YEWates

Eleven Kinds of Loneliness, 1962

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Friday, January 1, 2010

some notable mentions for 2009 (a post post-script)


empire of the sun

celebrity deaths


frozen yoghurt

saying "i'm just so ready for this year to be over"

chingalings/pocket/the pond etc



Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Year in Review

10. I swear, the number of times I’ve had to calmly explained Twitter to someone!

She has straightened hair w/ blunt fringe, is wearing a tidy pale blue and coral camisole with indigo jeans, gladiator sandals + cardigan. She never listens to a thing I’m saying, not even my really sophisticated points about how the very best use it as an artform and you become attached to their serialised obsessions as themes evolve and layer on top each other. And sometimes people on there are so funny and smart that you become deeply miserable for days!

Instead she just keeps saying “Twitter, I don’t even understand what it is, WHAT EVEN IS TWITTER!!!!’ Also she is already so addicted to Facebook and she just doesn’t need an addiction in her life. If I’m lucky she’ll wittily point out how she finds it so annoying how everyone always uses their status updates to say stuff like ‘I just had a coffee’ or ''Having a piece of cake' (giving examples under pressure is hard!) and how it’s so boring and she srsly doesn’t care if some random has just had a coffee.

Approximately as boring continually giving oxygen to the fiction that this thing that everyone always seems to be fake-complaining about actually happens at all. Look I guess my problem with the ‘Just had a coffee’ school of twitter criticism is that it’s, as year 10 Saba-clad Sopho might say, a generalisation. Twitter is a mirror of the company you keep and your taste and aspirations, so if anyone is following people that are actually saying that, then they just don’t know anyone that volunteers at FBi Radio.

As such, here are some websites I like:, and

I find that it’s nice just to keep checking in? Delete a few duds, a few @'s. Wouldn't want my website to look too desperate if someone decides to have a browse.

[Prettttty prettty glad @replies are only visible to mutual followers. Most people understand the work that goes it to maintaining a friendship, but we wouldn’t want any of our special followers (@mariekehardy, @iamfauxpas @dailydoseofjess) to get turned off.]

In addition, I’ve noticed when hacking in to Nina’s Facebook that Status Updates generate like a milli replies. Facebook is such a captive audience of people who want you to like them, whereas everyone on Twitter is far too busy thinking of their next tweet to say anything but RT. (Did I miss the bit when everyone RT’d Facebook Status updates? Funnie!).

Having said that, Twitter has massively killed my urge to macro-blog. What could possibly sustain a whole long post when it’s probably not even good enough for one little cute tweet. It is sweet though, when you don’t feel like paying for a song, so you Google it and find it available for free for download on a music blog you can’t believe someone bothers to keep going? Thanks guy!


So ol’ well-groomed-camisole will never join Twitter and everyone on there is a bit like me. It’s that whole connectivity paradox from the beginning of internet analysis- we are more and more connected yet further and further apart. The Internet aids in the process of finding like minded souls to reinforce your existence, so those who are alike become increasingly alike and everyone else seems more strangers. Malcolm Gladwell or something, right!

Having a shared cultural consciousness is really nice and useful, but it also makes me confused about what’s really going on out there. I keep thinking everyone I know is so fashionable, and then I have to go to a hens night or a mother’s day brunch with my family and I realise that I can’t very well wear ecru coloured socks with heavy black wedges. The words ‘Ed Hardy t-shirt’ are such a Twitter touchstone and imply such a specific meaning, I had to approach my new friendship with a guy who wears them for real like he's basically Aboriginal.

And then it’s a bit creepy when our mutual cultural literacy extends to political insight: you know I never thought I’d say this but I actually really respect Malcolm Turnbull, how amaze is Leigh Sales/Annabel Crabb, Tehran: tsk!

However, one thing I took away from recent smash-hit 'Away We Go' is that there are unknowably infinite categories of AltBros. Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski- just a couple of loveable kooks! But then they spend the whole moie meeting people who reside in even cleverer suburbs and have even more suffocating ideas about life.

This year in Sydney and on the Internet, we saw a noticeable factional split between those who find cute stuff PRETTY CUTE!!!, those who find it cute I guess and those who are like: ‘Rainbow paddlepops, popcorn, cupcakes and diabetes, so’. (Another example would be the varying degrees of patience each faction would have with Away We Go).


So should you stick with your tribe or escape your tribe? (or find an even more specific tribe?)

I feel like it's important to remember that maybe it just doesn’t matter whether you first heard Duck Sauce on a Ministry of Sound compilation or if you kinda know A-Trak! No one is judging if your Breton stripe T was your boyfriends mum’s from the 80’s or if you got it from Cotton On Body! Not everyone can know every single person in this month’s Cleo!

And ultimately, when you’re feeling a bit depressed about how good looking everyone seems in their profile picture and how loudly everyone is talking about a show you’ve been torrenting for weeks, you should just watch the whole series of A DIFFERENT SHOW real quick!

[side note: Do you think the constant fear of feeling like any minute now you’re going to be extremely out of touch is a good sign or a bad sign? Does that fear constantly drive me to stay in touch, or will I eventually tire of that feeling and the constant striving and slowly retreat?]

8. Going out v. 'Staying In'

Tough one. Now I do love soft clothes but ever since I got an iPhone there’s no real reason to bolt in the front door and check my emails- I may as well stay out at PARRRRTaaaaaaaaYYYY. But sometimes I feel sad knowing that I definitely won't have any emails when I (eventually ha!) get home. I’ve even read that one from the Piano Room while talking to some gal about Twitter.

I feel like sometimes you go out and it’s really good- people are nice and you get all these new ideas about everything. But then sometimes you are being so socially sparkly and successful in the debut of your new phrase ‘cottage industry’ that you start to loathe yourself. In summary, I just wish I had more overseas friends so their Friday (hectic email day) would coincide with slow email day Saturday.

8. So I guess this is my personality now. Ok.

I have had lots of grown up moments relating to friendship this year. As difficult it is for someone with my very specific pH level of neediness to know that someone out there just doesn’t really like me that much, it feels calming to know that I feel the same way, and maybe we can both just get on with our lives. (Pip if you are reading this, I’m sorry and I miss you xoxoxox)

7. Linen

Still scratchy huh!

6. It’s weird, sometimes I can’t remember who does and doesn’t have an iPhone

For example, does Marc Hendrick have an iPhone? A Blackberry? Hard to say!

5. News & Current Affairs

Victoria Bushfires, NSW Government something lol, Lady Gaga, Tiger Woods, A Decade in Review.

4. Literature

Dear open letter writing method of saying something instead of just saying it, hasn't it been a big year for you. Love, soie.

3. Clambake

2. I think i'll do heaps jogging/ red wine/capsule wardrobe/ foster child in 2010.

1. Merriweather Post Pavilion

does it come any larger?

American plus size model and author of the this years memoir 'Hungry' Crystal Renn recently posed for a V Magazine editorial feature alongside 'normal' size model Jacquelyn Jablonks. The story, shot by Terry Richardson and styled by Mel Ottenberg, is a style piece about sexiness at any shape - clothes that suit all figures regardless of dress size - with the two wearing the same outfits and posing in the same way.

Images via V Magazine: see them all here

While I do think Jacquelyn looks great, Crystal looks SO DAMN HOT

My friends who are stylists have always told me clothes photograph better on a coat hanger physique, but if these photos are anything to go by, sex appeal has nothing to do with size and everything to do with style - here, Crystal looks super sassy and super sexy!

Love love love her! Also love love love the Danielle Scutt dress with the red Armani belt! Chrismakkuh present, perhaps?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear @clrfst

Tai's last interview via

I've had a lot of practice 'googling' the sudden deaths of celebrities this year, and is one of my favourite [morbid] resources.

PS. If we're going to save this blog from death, maybe we should bring back this post several times.

PPS. I am genuinely sad that Brittney Murphy died suddenly.

PPPS. I am in France at the moment and it was a very different experience seeing the Twitter trending topic explode in about 2 mins, rather then wake up to bad news when in Australia's timezone.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Unofficial True Blood Fan page - Some more look-alikes!!1

I feel that peripheral-vampire Pam looks a bit like Charlotte Dawson:

That some of the costumes look a bit like an American Appy stockroom:

And that Sookie and Tara's friendship looks A LOT like some other BBFF's we've seen over the years...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

too true!

a few of us have been watching 'true blood' and tonight at dinner sophie remarked "i can't figure out if the anna paquin character reminds me of someone"

we were all in agreement. something about her face makes you think of a milli people like posh spice, circa a few years ago...

but is it that or does anna paquin just kinda remind you of... anna paquin?

i got home, started watching an ep and there in all her gap-toothed glory i saw it! i hopped to google images land with a smirk... one JUDI DENCH please!

in other lookalike news.... NOT ! YEAH LIKE MAYBE IN OPPOSITES LAND! HUH HA HAH *
how is it that america gets two mega babes (not to mention mega ETHNIC babes) running the show?

* this joke is brought to you by the sarah silverman school of comedy.