Saturday, February 28, 2009

Friday, February 27, 2009


I cannot stop staring at Lindsay Lohan's face in this picture.

Isn't it good?

She's like a regular, classically beautiful person, just with shit make-up and hair.

It's a pretty contemporary paradox.

I'm just so used to seeing these same tactics (embedding fake tan in every contour and pretending that your coarse straw-coloured hair is all soft, romantic waves) employed by non-babes:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

You know you've made it WHEN...

A record label asks if you want to run giveaways on your blog.

Movestill is so brooklyn vegan/gorillavsbear right now!!!!!!

Our friends at Speak 'n Spell (seriously too, I'm not just saying 'friends' for the sake of this giveaway) have offered us some CDs to throw your way!

School Of Seven Bells Alpinisims (this was one of my favourite albums last year)

Duke Spirit Neptune (rock goddess Liela is my hero)

We have 3 copies of each!!




Obvs best answers win!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

it's no shower tile

but how sick is this contemporary leather lounge?

this shower tile is pretty sick

Too many dicks

I'm so glad this Michel Gondry ep won me back.

PS. on a weird slash personal note, I had a dream about another director Gus Van Sant. However he looked like this:


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

shifty business

a term that has seeped it's way into our vernacular, particularly over the last 6 months or so, is "wig". commonly used in many forms such as "wigging out", "wiggy" and "having a wig". it started small but has grown at an alarming rate. the descriptive qualities of the word are quite limitless and sometimes, there is simply nothing else that can better communicate a mood or situation. however, i think maybe there is too much wig being thrown around.

the other day, the following conversation took place:

boy: and she kept saying, "and then she just wigged out", and i was like what? and she's like "she just wigged out! it was weird! she just totally wigged out and left". and i'm like what the hell is this wigged out? what does it mean?
girl: ha.

it's a valid point. what is this wigged out? it has grown to mean much more than a drug-induced paranoia. it doesn't even have to relate to illegal substances.

i think it's safe to say that, to 'wig out' is generally negative. it relates to someone acting strange or overreacting- unnecessarily.
"when ko called johnny a bitch, johnny completely wigged out."
"smoking in the park was awesome until chris wigged out and made us leave. it's not like the cops would have seen us."
(quotes courtesy of

(click to enlarge the below image)

however, the term 'wiggy' doesn't have to be negative. it can just be something that is weird, usually in a funny way.

ichat emoticons

outdoor gear

the "how fucking retarded can we get" high fashion shoe trend

animal collective record cover

Monday, February 23, 2009

invisible conga people

inspired by james' latest post, i decided to check the google analytics report for movestill last night. yes there were 2 people reading the blog in nigeria and 8 hits in brazil, 14 in colorado and 8 people who made it to movestill via fluokids. but more astonishing still were the words people typed into google to arrive here..... (do you need glasses? you sure?)

(when i was in year 6, i wanted glasses and braces SO bad. i totally faked my way through an optometrist appointment to get glasses. i ended up getting these hideous huge round gold frames- shiny gold. there was one row of 'free frames'- free from the NHS (medicare in england). they were all the worst ones in the store. i was horrified. needless to say, i stopped wearing them after a day.)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tips for surviving The Recession/Climate Change

I thought I'd share some helpful tips for survival during these tough times (conflated due to lack of understanding of either).

1. It seems unnecessarily wasteful and environmentally unsustainable for every person to have their own Facebook page. By now everyone should really be Sharing A Profile. Faceying with Nina (and Joel Amos for a brief moment there) has been extremely rewarding.

For one thing, I'm not as debilitatingly addicted as I once was, yet I still know when The Gauge Breakers are playing. Another plus is that my friendship circle has expanded to include Diplo, A-Trak, Kinga Burza, Wil Anderson, DJ AM and Wagga's most passionate anti-Israel campaigner; Michael Agzarian.

Stay tuned for '25 Random Things About Us' [...16. We met when Nina barked at me to re-do a voice for a promo she was making for Peach & Shag's 1-year anniversary show on FBi. 17. We keep Newtown store Yasime's afloat. 18. I DJ with Nina's boyf Mathieu, we play mainly back-to-back Crystal Castles tracks...]

2. Why bother with all this Bali shit? Don't waste all that aeroplane fuel and money, Go On A Fake Holiday instead. Over Christmas I took a few days off work to go on a pretend trip to sleepy coastal town Bendelong, with a group of fictional friends (one of them has a beach house there).

We had such a great time! We even made a roster and each of us took turns in cooking meals. We could get all the basics from the corner store, or one of us would drive to Nowra (about an hour and a halfa away) to buy goats cheese and Porcini mushrooms. One of the nicest things about Bendelong was that there was a pretty little bay to take a dip in, perfect for those of us who weren't wild about the beach! I returned from my mini-break feeling very refreshed, it's great to just get away.

3. Jam The Word 'Recession' In To Any Context And Conversation And Weekly Modular Party.
Driving past Charlie Brown on Oxford St the other day, I noticed a sale advertised on the shopfront window that said: 'What Recession?!?!'

I couldn't quite figure out how referencing the economic crisis could possibly entice people to spend money on leopard-print silk wrap-dresses embellished with purple and yellow gems, but I did feel like I understood global economics a lot better.

Sorr about the lack of visual stimulus accompanying this tip, I did actually take a photo (while driving, cool!) but accidentally deleted it the other day while freeing up some memory in my phone (another little thing everyone can do help combat climate change).

Exclusively wear sweet Vintage Dresses.

5. Replace All Your Light Bulbs With Energy-Saving Globes.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Movestill is wishing a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sydney's most fashionable lead singer in a all-girl-with-one-boy-drummer band

Happy Samantha Lim day everyone (and especially you Sam)!

Monday, February 16, 2009

my friends are like, heaps diverse

Are you there God?

Because I think the world may be falling apart.

Actors are pretending to be singers are pretending to have nervous breakdowns

Singers are beating up their lovers and then broadcasting the details via social networking

And Hollywood movies are trying to trick us to believe success and romance are still alive.

Thankfully, in such a time of trouble and confusion, one thing shines rays of hope through the chaos.

She had a healthy baby boy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

For those who havent seen it yet...

Most of the links have been removed but you can still see the video here

The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach

Last night I had dinner at my new favourite restaurant. I've been planning to try it out since it opened 6 months ago and finally got there yesterday with my two gorgeous friends Anna and Catherine. It was delightful! Trendy but not obnoxious, delicious food and wine that wasn't too expensive, and sizes large enough to share between a few but not so large that once you've tried everything you feel absolutely stuffed.

Enjoy the family dinner there tonight Nina!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

rocking that thang

I love The Dream

L-R: neha, ninalasvegas, sophie, badezzy, michaella.

anna, you can be The Dream

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Still love Lily. FACT.
Will continue to ask myself (before I get dressed), 'would Lily wear this?'

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bushfire Appeal - SERIOUS POST

Victoria is still burning, and lives and land have been lost/destroyed/changed forever.

I don't really have more to say, other than please take note of the following links.

Even if you are not in immediate danger, when your parents ring you up and say your home town is getting smokey, (it not only freaks you out) but reminds you that it's ALWAYS worth being aware.

Bushfire Hotline - 1800 240 667

Family Help Hotline - 1800 727 077

SES - 132 500

CFA website

If you can afford it, donate:

Australian Red Cross - Donate by calling 1800 811 700 or online

Salvation Army - Donate online or phone 13 72 58

If you are healthy and broke, give blood:

Sadly, burn victims NEED blood. Make and appointment by calling or 13 14 95 or register online.



Seriously, Diplo's tweets are ridic.

"I'm gonna Fuk around and drive home in that giant strawberry"

"They about to droP katey perry from the sky ina. Banana"

"Jonas broz go home"

"I call Lipsync"

"How tha fuk did cottonmouth kings get to sit in front of me?"

"Kid rok wuttuP! Rock us right now dooood sweet home alabama!!!"

"Sheryl crow wuttup"

"Some lil asian girl took swiths seat!!"


numb state of shock

the prime minister: "hell in all its fury has visited the good people of victoria in the last 24 hours, and many now lie dead."

this is so sad.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

my engine bun is fine benny lava

Perhaps the funniest thing I've seen since Ezzy's dentist video

courtesy of Pages, courtesy of Imogen

PS Groupie Mag is out today with Animal Collective, Lily Allen, No Age, Antony and the Johnsons, Nickel Eye, exclusive Lykke Li photo shoot, Glen's Scout column, Robbie Buck's news column, etcetcetcetc. I think it's a really great issue, but I edited it so you'd hope I was proud of it!

Free online here!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


THANK FUCK. Mostyn finally gets the recognition he deserves.

However, the old SC is about two months too late. DM told me about Alicia 'just chillin, checking her emails' at the salon when I was last in. I then asked, 'isn't she a raging lesbian?' to which he replied, 'no way darl, I've know her for years'.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brethren Just Below


Check out my new digs!

I am really excited about it! Actually, I'm going to go there now and hang out (I just hope they've connected the internet...) I need to figure out a way I can be there all the time, because at the moment I'm just able to be in there on the weekends and weeknights after work, but I am so excited about the place I want to be there 24/7. Who'd have thought a freelancer would be tied to office spaces? HHmmmm....

Also, details of the new Greedy Hen show at Grey Gardens - hope you can make it! To quote myself: they are "two of the loveliest girls you'll every meet" and "also, I believe, two of the most talented young artists currently working in Sydney."


My afternoon's at work are usually pretty great. My wifey Sam (Lim - of teenagersintokyo fame) and I usually indulge in our daily disco hour and the occasional cheese platter to get us through til 6pm. Today was an exceptionally amazing afternoon filled with so much ridiculous gossip that my cheeks are still kind of hurting from laughing so much. This little youtube just topped it all off for me. Enjoy.

Contrary opinion about M.I.A

Although M.I.A has been cooler in Australia for longer than she has in America (entirely unprovable opening gambit) the notion that 'M.I.A is an idiot' hasn't yet reached our shores.

Spearheaded by Gawker, here are some highlights: M.I.A's ridic opinions on NYC, the ridic demands on M.I.A's rider and M.I.A's ridic musings on violence

Plus some hilarious views from the notoriously snarky comments section:

And I guess i'll leave this one with you, Nina?

I'm not really in to the argument that M.I.A's opinions don't count cos she's marrying a rich dude. Especially since Gawker could be considered problematic for exactly the same reason, having long lost its authority to lop down NYC's tallest poppies by becoming such a loud voice itself.

M.I.A's background is genuinely unique and it makes perfect sense that her personal experiences are central to her politics and beliefs. But personal narratives are not the most reliable forms of political commentary, and political commentary is certainly not the most reliable method of political change.

Look I know Che won the revolution by mouthing off in Nylon Magazine, but where is he now? Emblazoned across the chest of every second insufferable 1st year Arts student. As lionel-mandrake says, M.I.A will probably end up garnering the same sort of insincere (and annoying) following, "I can get a piece of that? Just by visiting iTunes. Now I feel like a rebel too!"

M.I.A sees her role as being "the only voice" in the story of the Tamil's. Not only is the war covered extensively by international media (haven't read), but perhaps she's also not the most clear and eloquent spokesperson...

"... y'know it's cos like Obama.... and media propoganda..... and I like use my own brain to make judgements about wot the truth is and wot it isn't, and I know from my own experiences what that is. And that's the thing about my music..." [slightly unfair paraphrase]

She does looks REALLY pretty in that interview though.

Monday, February 2, 2009

help for phelps

So what's our take on the old Michael Phelps bong smoking saga?

He's just released his official statement:
I engaged in behavior which was regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment. I'm 23 years old and despite the successes I've had in the pool, I acted in a youthful and inappropriate way, not in a manner people have come to expect from me. For this, I am sorry. I promise my fans and the public it will not happen again.

Think he can bounce back from that?

Remember when Stephanie Rice posed as a stripper for a party and some savvy journalist found the images? The Telegraph called them "happy snaps" which I think is pretty hilarious! Well, she managed to bounce back from that 'embarrassment' pretty quickly with an FHM photo shoot!

Both Rice and Phelps are Speedo ambassadors, and the two were rumoured to have been 'seen kissing' by savvy New York Post (the irony isn't lost on me, no) reporter not long after the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Sultry Steph denied any connection with Michael (ouch), and then "sexy" Amanda Beard was linked to the swimstar too, but refuted claims saying "Eww, that's nasty. I have never, ever hooked up with Michael Phelps... Come on, I have really good taste..."


After rejection like that I'd wanna get high as a kite too phelpsy... but maybe you should ask Steph for her agent's number?

Find Rhonda!

My friend's car has gone.

We are hoping it is just temporary vay-cay because this car is said friend's pride and joy, which is completely understandable considering how beautiful it is.

This is Rhonda

See. Beauty, 'aint she.

Please, keep your eyes peeled while wandering Sydney streets. More info here

our jen

one of the contestants for the next season of 'make me a supermodel'.
i mean the host of 'make me a supermodel'.
i mean miss universe.

bona fide hustler makin my name

i saw this new video of M.I.A. here on burnsy's blog.

she's basically movestill's overall favourite person and i can speak for all us when i say, maya we love you, we miss you and we you the best of luck this sunday at the grammy's and for the birth of your first child. can you believe she's also nominated for a mf oscar??!!! amazing.

(and on a side note, fuck she's rocking the pip and just generally looking amazing. go pregnancy)


last night's australian open men's final was such a great match. as hendo remarked "tennis is the real winner here". i was going for nadal but love both of them equally. it is insane to think that nadal is only 22 years old! just in the past year or so, i've really begun to notice how many young achievers are around. before it was like "wow! he's so young! what an inspiration!", now it's more a case of "shit i'm 2 years older than him".

while the spaniards are going to be unbeatable at the davis cup, the shiteous australian cricket team just keeps going from bad to worse this summer. last night's match against new zealand was so weird! first australia made a shit score of 181 which made everyone think new zealand would finish up in no time, but new zealand decided to ????? and the run rate was 1.8 for like the first 25 overs. meaning that in the end they needed 4 runs from 4 balls. two shit teams ended up making quite an exciting one-dayer!

sports reporter out.