Monday, February 9, 2009

Bushfire Appeal - SERIOUS POST

Victoria is still burning, and lives and land have been lost/destroyed/changed forever.

I don't really have more to say, other than please take note of the following links.

Even if you are not in immediate danger, when your parents ring you up and say your home town is getting smokey, (it not only freaks you out) but reminds you that it's ALWAYS worth being aware.

Bushfire Hotline - 1800 240 667

Family Help Hotline - 1800 727 077

SES - 132 500

CFA website

If you can afford it, donate:

Australian Red Cross - Donate by calling 1800 811 700 or online

Salvation Army - Donate online or phone 13 72 58

If you are healthy and broke, give blood:

Sadly, burn victims NEED blood. Make and appointment by calling or 13 14 95 or register online.


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