Monday, February 23, 2009

invisible conga people

inspired by james' latest post, i decided to check the google analytics report for movestill last night. yes there were 2 people reading the blog in nigeria and 8 hits in brazil, 14 in colorado and 8 people who made it to movestill via fluokids. but more astonishing still were the words people typed into google to arrive here..... (do you need glasses? you sure?)

(when i was in year 6, i wanted glasses and braces SO bad. i totally faked my way through an optometrist appointment to get glasses. i ended up getting these hideous huge round gold frames- shiny gold. there was one row of 'free frames'- free from the NHS (medicare in england). they were all the worst ones in the store. i was horrified. needless to say, i stopped wearing them after a day.)


rh said...

my favorite was someone who stumbled across my blog googling "free daddy porn"

Michaella said...

thats too funny re: invisible conga people. I posted about them around a year and a half ago... since i've posted about then on grey gardens but not here... weird

on another totally irrelevant note (kinda like the original post, no?) i just ate an entire tub if ice cream and feel really ill

Marley said...

My friend just emailed me this link. How did my name lead to movestill?? (not to mention invisible conga people...!!) (also: who's googling me??)

Anonymous said...

Kinga Burza is hot stuff.