Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is so pretty...

until this picture...

Courtney Love and her very ugly right hand shot by Heidi Slimane for Love

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

i dont know what to call this post

I know its forever ago but remember waaay back in 2005 when this happened?

OH NO SHE DI'NNNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ps. been watching heaps of the L Word lately

magic markers

a couple of days ago, sophie sent round this article about a "pink" elephant caught on camera. FAIL. we see you trying to ride the coat tails of jean-luc's steez.

sophie: it's more, beige? terracotta?

i was trying to come up with another name for brown so i googled "crayola clay" (i don't know) and OMFG. a few google images later....

do you have any idea how amazing this is? maybe i'm late to the party, but i've never seen them before. are they new? they definitely weren't around when i was younger. i remember many a time being caught between a rock and a brown place when faced with the dilemma of drawing my/my family's SKIN COLOUR. i couldn't colour it in a peachy pink cus it wasn't. i couldn't shade it lightly with a lemony yellow pencil cus that wasn't it. i always ended up leaving it blank.

i'll never forget the one and only time i remember hearing a racial slur to my face, in year 4, "at least my skin isn't poo-coloured!" to which i replied (without missing a beat) "at least my skin isn't the colour of a cow!".... doesn't really work, does it.

point of the matter is, no kid wants poo-coloured skin!(back then, little did i know how much i would appreciate the year-round 'TAN' as i grew older) but with these crayola multicultural markers, there is a myriad of possibilities! up to 80, in fact. and i'm sure they all have amazing exotic names.

AND turns out crayola aren't the only ones profiting from race relations. "colors of my friends"??? hell yeah sargent art. that black is a bit too black though maybe. no one is ACTUALLY black.

Monday, March 23, 2009

control x, control v

ahhhhhhhh cut copy. maybe my favourites? maybe. they've sort of been on the back burner for the last couple of months. always sort of simmering at the surface (especially thanks to the late discovery of 'sands of time') but not on high rotation. until tonight that is. i had entered 'mixtape' into my itunes looking for.... another mixtape. it played for an hour and fifteen minutes and then slowly fading up, i heard the classic piano of 'on' by aphex twin. D-I-E. the 'so cosmic' mixtape! don't you love it when you rediscover songs you'd forgotten you loved, clothes you'd for forgotten you had... etc.? the cutters put this out in late 2007 to get people excited about the release of 'in ghost colours'. and did it ever.

how had i forgotten about this for a year? and more importantly, all summer! summer 07/08 this was by a long stretch the most played item on my itunes- i listened to from start to finish on repeat, clocking in at exactly 1 hour. it really is the perfect mix and although it's not very old at all, it already has so many memories attached to it and it introduced me to so many songs i now love.

i so hope tomorrow's a beautiful day because i can't wait to walk around the city listening to this again. if you haven't heard it, find it (right now) and listen from beginning to middle to end. but here's a twinkly moment...

fleetwood mac- never forget (cut copy lifelike remix)

Just when you thought the internet couldn't waste any more of your time...

When I was unfortunate enough to happen upon Just My Luck on the TV this weekend I knew things were bound to go downhill eventually... I just didn't think they would happen this fast!

Apps Sean Penn wants to work with her on a new movie but can't find anyone to star beside her. Sean loves the gays.

pretty excited about this word play

SICK artwork and the song is ok too.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

today at sxsw

After the compilations, comes the movie

Watch it tonight at Paramount with an after screening Q&A with Diplo

totally superfluous post

Light, sweet, and healthy, the organic Date and Coconut roll is the most delicious mid-afternoon snack.


On the weekend someone who works in an organic cafe told me these are flown here from California - so the mileage on them is excessive and irreconcilable with how delicious they are... I'm so disappointed.

I'm going to have to find a more ecologically friendly afternoon snack. Suggestions welcome.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

diy at its best

Just when you thought you needed a degree to become a director, Serani proves its stilll diy or die

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

see ya, paris fashion week

Yesterday, Collette welcomed Wang black to Paris

I love him b seriously, does no one think colour suits them anymore? Not even a splash here and there?

These two were the only ones bold enough to inject a little liveliness into their ensembles!

It's just a shame they're the worst dressed at the party.

And despite Ryan assuring me his is the worst quality for the highest price, McQueen's headpieces were ridiculous and amazing!

As always! remember this from Spring 2008 read To Wear?

Spring Summer 2007 is my all-time fave.

My next boyfriend is the boy who buys me that hat

life on the streets yo

I've seen this babe out a few times recently. He frequents a club I play at sometimes and I had a particularly LOL encounter with him about 2 weeks ago when I spied him sleazing onto some poor girl, looking completely gross and totally loving the fact that ppl might recognise him now that 'Underbelly' is on tv. The highlight of my life came approximately 10 mins later when he gave me the thumbs up and some weird drunken attempt at a look of gangsta approval when I played 'Next Episode'. I wanted to laugh so bad. The guy couldn't have looked whiter if he tried.

Word on the street is that he's out in the Cross pretty much every night and can often be spotted cruising down the strip and chatting to bouncers with a suspicious spring in his step. Seems like someone might be having a little trouble letting go of their character...

It really does make you consider the power that Bert Newton must hold in the entertainment industry, when a guy like this can recover from a very public domestic abuse conviction and somehow manage to land the main role on a relatively high profile tv series. But then again, maybe it's just because he is a total babe.

Monday, March 9, 2009

when possibly amazing covers go bad

While I am totally loving on her at the moment (and always have been), this is really not very great...

umm... PS

Since when has JH had braces?!!!!!!!!

Things I hate today

A.) Pitchfork v2.0

B.) That I can hear someone playing that "can't live, if living is without you" song

C.) Stupid publicity stunts (Peaches Geldof just announced she's married her DJ best friend Fifi - wonder if this will last as long as her last marriage?)

D.) Dakota Fanning

Luckily I just listened to this and it cheered me up quick smart! Dools does a great interview, and the fact it's with movestill fave lily helps a whole bunch too.

On a somewhat unrelated note - Did anyone watch Lily on So You Think You Can Dance last week? The absurdity of the stage show accompanying her performance was mind-blowing! Dancing balloon-men emerging 3/4 of the way through the song? Wacky! A little too Pnau for me...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

we're flying!!!!!

i stole this from rach's blog


there's a pink dolphin in lake calcasieu in america. it's not actually "pink", it's albino.

jean-luc would be having a heart attack.

i like long walks on the beach?

i was at the hopetoun hotel on the corner of bourke and foveaux in surry hills, for a show. i was standing by the pool table (equidistance between toilets and balcony for smoking, but far enough away that you can't smell the toilets, and also quite easy to shortcut to bar but not caught in the squash of the mid section. also easy to stand on stairs if required for those vertically challenged), when between bands me and a couple of new friends (literally that night) got to talking about some important things.

my new friend who was a girl was talking about her criteria for potential dates. they were very specific... 1) must be scottish 2) must work with their hands- preferably furniture maker 3) look a little bit like a terrorist 4) have been in a medium-sized band, but isn't anymore. simon neil from biffy clyro was her template.

my new friend who was a boy retorted with his own set of rules for potential dates (eventhough he was newly retired from dating, after leaving a date the week before by using the excuse "i have to meet my friend who is helping me with the financial side of my new business plan").... 1) must have heard of expo '88 2) must have a favourite smurf 3) must own a cassingle.


who knew freja beha was a raging? irina and our catherine?

A very odd word association.

I read this, and all though I’m very saddened to hear Michael Jackson’s rare flesh eating disease is eating him all up (ACTUALLY no sarcasm intended), it reminded me of something. When someone mentions the words ‘Michael Jackson’ to me I instantly hum the tune to his Simpsons track.

Kita, it's your birthday
God bless you this day
You gave me the gift of a little sister
And I'm proud of you today

Kita, it's your birthday
Happy birthday, Kita
Kita, its your birthday
Happy birthday, Kita

I wish you love and good will
I wish you praise and joy
I wish you better than your heart desires
And your first kiss from a boy

Kita, it's your birthday
Happy birthday, Kita
Kita, its your birthday
Happy birthday, Kita.

I actually think I sang this to my sister one birthday, hoping it would have the same response. I think I even brought in a empty bin, reversed for a percussion effect.

visual arts

this is a cute artwork that i found somewhere?!!?! don't know where, when or by whom it is. just stumbled on it again this morning, in my 'funny photoz' folder (it exists).

i miss doing art at high school, and for one semester as an elective at uni. i think i might buy a canvas this weekend.

Monday, March 2, 2009

one of these is not right.

Three are screen grabs from CONTROVERSIAL wog film.

One is a picture of Sonny Bill, who has [THANK FUCK] returned home.