Monday, March 23, 2009

control x, control v

ahhhhhhhh cut copy. maybe my favourites? maybe. they've sort of been on the back burner for the last couple of months. always sort of simmering at the surface (especially thanks to the late discovery of 'sands of time') but not on high rotation. until tonight that is. i had entered 'mixtape' into my itunes looking for.... another mixtape. it played for an hour and fifteen minutes and then slowly fading up, i heard the classic piano of 'on' by aphex twin. D-I-E. the 'so cosmic' mixtape! don't you love it when you rediscover songs you'd forgotten you loved, clothes you'd for forgotten you had... etc.? the cutters put this out in late 2007 to get people excited about the release of 'in ghost colours'. and did it ever.

how had i forgotten about this for a year? and more importantly, all summer! summer 07/08 this was by a long stretch the most played item on my itunes- i listened to from start to finish on repeat, clocking in at exactly 1 hour. it really is the perfect mix and although it's not very old at all, it already has so many memories attached to it and it introduced me to so many songs i now love.

i so hope tomorrow's a beautiful day because i can't wait to walk around the city listening to this again. if you haven't heard it, find it (right now) and listen from beginning to middle to end. but here's a twinkly moment...

fleetwood mac- never forget (cut copy lifelike remix)

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