Monday, March 2, 2009

Analysing 'texts'

Do you think the smh was trying to say something weird by running* this image alongside this story?

Seems like a jarringly aggressive choice to me...

*bit of 'media' jargon for you there, that's all.


Rose said...

Juxtaposing one text with another can reinforce, contradict or alter the meaning of the original text.

In this stimulus source, the SMH has paired an article about the couple reuniting after the alleged assault with a photograph of the victim in a bondage-inspired dress. The choice of this image by the composer influences the responder’s interpretation of the story, perhaps by suggesting some of these things: (from most to least offensive):

(a) That there is some irony in the story;

(b) That there is an element of sado-masichism present in the relationship;

(c) That provocative fashion invites abuse.

This Unit of Study has been greatly edifying, I will leave it with a appreciation how meaning is communicated and constructed through subtext.

Rose said...

oh oops i meant from least to most offensive. sorr!

Shag said...

Also (d) Choosing a photo of Rhi proudly accepting multiple American Music Awards may imply that she'll accept anything.