Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I don't usually eat, but this afternoon my workmate treated me to a birthday tub of yoghurt.

It didn't say low fat, low sugar, or diet on the label, so I wasn't expecting to shed pounds as I spooned it into my mouth. But I also wasn't expecting the 135 grams of sugary goodness to set me back 1050kjs!!

Panicked, I called my jogging partner who told me it would take me 4 hours of running to shift that from my waistline!

I was devastated.

Thankfully, she had been misinformed and promptly called me back with the correct information. I would have to run at a moderate pace for 30 mins to burn that little tub of DEATH.

THIS is the culprit...

It wasn't even all that good.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Is Wrong With This Image?

A. Her decision that this ensemble was appropriate to honor Vivienne Westwood at the Westwood Red Label party in London, Sept 19.

B. The plastic mannequin she has taken as her date.

C. Her breasts.


latarian milton, the 7-year-old kid who stole his mum's car in april to do "hood rat stuff," is back bitches. latarian stole the keys to his grandma's car and took it on a "high speed chase" to wal-mart to get him some fried chicken.

Too AMAZ for words

Thursday, September 18, 2008


My mum once made me write FUCK WAR, on my voting card at a local council election. In Wagga Wagga.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Remember this rant?

Rather than repeating myself, have a guess as to what you think I'd say about this:

Wii music. What the fuck. At least Guitar Hero comes with a fake guitar.

Friday, September 12, 2008


so this is oasis performing in toronto last week. watch from about 1 minute 25 on...

sein language

"what??? WHAT???"

looks like skepticism was the right reaction when microsoft announced it was hiring jerry seinfeld as its new $10 million pitchman. after seeing the new ad, you might wonder what seinfeld helping bill gates pick out a new pair of shoes has to do with software. the answer, in the classic seinfeld sense of the word, is nothing.

nevertheless, as commentators rightly point out, the brand ad is getting its primary job done- getting people to talk about microsoft (without even mentioning the word). microsoft officials who phoned reporters Friday (to "explain" the commercial) said it is indeed a campaign to re-brand windows, "the start of a conversation... easily the largest marketing campaign we've ever had."

chemical brothers to produce new MGMT record

so MGMT have been swapping emails with the chemical bros and the latter may now produce MGMT's second album. they plan to experiment to create a different sound- "it won't be dance music".

instead a gigantic double album is being considered– one disc of pop, the other of psychedelia. "we thought we'd go for the cliched, overly ambitious sophomore album," vanwyngarden wryly announced.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Open letter to God

Are you there God? It's me, Michaella.

I know I've been dismissive of you at times, but if there was ever a moment you could win me over, it is now.

Please reverse time, and position me in between Ashley and Chloe. That way it'll be even (brunette, blonde, brunette, blonde, brunette) and we can swap names of hairstylists and then go for a glass of wine after the show for a chit chat and to discuss the fashions.

(Whoever was in charge of the seating plan for this show is a genius. This is too brilliant)

HBO has changed my life

First was Sex And The City, then Entourage. Now, The Wire.

Loads of friends had told me about this series (it's up to Season 5 in the US!) but I had avoided it for the following reasons:

I get totally hooked on television shows on DVD and binge on episodes, often watching three or four in a row in one sitting

I haven't had much time at home lately

And when I am at home, I shouldn't just sit on my ass and watch TV

That said. The Wire is worth every hour of my life each episode takes!

Its a cop show, but not your average Law And Order bullshit melodrama. The focus is on the stories and characters, not the blood and gore. Plus, Dominic West who plays Detective James McNulty is super handsome and a pleasure to watch, even when drunk and bitching about his fellow B-More coppers.

Wood Harris plays Avon Barksdale. He's fantastic. But he has the longest fingers I have ever seen. I wish I could find a picture, they're seriously so super long! Apparently he is jailed by McNulty during this first Season... but since I've only just started watching I'm not up to that part yet and don't want to spoil it for myself!

But seriously, this is a fucking amazing show. Worth the $50 odd that the box set will cost you from the HBO site. Actually, just go there now and buy it now.

And while HBO may have totally destroyed any chance of finding myself a boyfriend before summer (I have a LOT of DVDs to catch up on if Season 5 is already half-way through in America), I am hoping I find someone who loves this show as much as I do. Just imagine romantic candle-lit dinners discussing McNulty's alcoholism and arrogance, debating whether he's a good cop doing bad things, or just as hopeless as the rest of the Baltimore police department...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Come my Lady

This is what happens when you search youtube for Crazytown's "Butterfly" when you're too drunk to remember both the artist name and song title.

I can't believe this wasn't the actual film clip. It blows my mind.

King Hit!

Earlier this year Heaps Decent babes the King Sisters sat in a studio with Pase Rock and Chris Devlin and wrote a track.

9 months later, like a newly born baby, the track is ready for our ears.

An excerpt from explains:

Devlin got to work on a hot beat while Pase helped the girls write some lyrics. Everyone was obsessed with Soulja Boy at the time so naturally every line had to be about cranking something. After a few vocal takes we were happy enough to go get Vietnamese. Devlin took the vocals and beat back to Philly (read: Boston) and hooked up with Ghostdad to add that wobbly bass we hear kids on the internet like so much. After a few months of “Dude have you finished that track yet” emails, the track was finished. Alright!!

We met Heather and Janey through some of the girls we worked with at Juniperina with M.I.A. Heather was 15 when we met her and was an avid singer and dancer. Each week she brought someone new with her to the studio; her sister, her friends and one time her mum came in to lay down a verse. When Radioclit were in town they got Heather to sing on one of Esau Mwamwaya’s beats with Ears. After recording some thirty takes with Radioclit, Heather commented that the experience “wasn’t as fun as when Spank Rock were here”.

Buy it on Itunes here. 100% of the proceeds from Heaps Decent releases are injected straight back into the Heaps Decent project, which works with volunteers in Australia to provide music tutorship and education for underpriveledged and indiginous Australian youths.

For more information about Heaps Decent and the workshops they offer, head to

Now, to celebrate, party like mad!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I went in to Sportsgirl today and it is so gross. There weren't even any good nail polish colours, ffs.

Here's some Hot Summer Looks:

And can't you just see some fuckwit at Parklife wearing this?

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

There is something reaaaallly wrong about this, but I can't figure out what it is... Open to suggestions...

Plus. Michael Phelps totally looks like Gumby

And is T.I dating a woman? Or is this a man? I seriously can't tell...

Ms "Oh My God that Britney's shameless"/"Mrs She's too big now she's too thin" Spears won Video Of The Year for Piece Of Me. Watch the video here. I have to admit I quite like this song. It's so tongue-in-cheek and such a self-parody, it's wonderful. Good on her, I say!

Thursday, September 4, 2008





Between Lauryn (now, asking to be referred to simply as Ms Hill) Hill and Estelle I am set for Spring! Bring on the bbqs and sweet soul jams!!

seriously the most awkward awards show ever.


I don't know if Lily is LOLing, or just totally fucked.

seriously elton.

I don't know who won this battle?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Solange Spits Back

Its a little blurry, but at least it's still online - most of these video clips have been removed.

I love Solange and her soul 60s sound. Didn't realise she had such fierce attitude though!

There's a load of running commentary on the youtube site, including this most recent post from Janfan76:

"Haha uppity ass LOSER has no respect! can we say my SISTERS COATTAILS! At least Beyonce shows respect for fans and media!!"

Uppity ass loser, huh? Ouch.

Monday, September 1, 2008