Tuesday, June 17, 2008

hilar (cont.)

When Wii Fit was first launched I was dumbfounded. The idea that people all over the world have purchased a video game to help improve health and fitness instead of going for a walk, a swim, booking into a gym or joining a sport team was lost on me.

If the program itself wasn't idiotic enough, the absurdity has continued with a report issued last night by the Telegraph in London. According to their poll, an average of 6.55 Pounds worth of damage to homes has occurred in the past year due to over-enthusiastic lounge-room-confined work-outs! While that figure may not initially seem much, the article calculated that it equates to a national bill of almost £20.1 million! Furthermore, the Telegraph survey found that 86% of 1,000 women polled earlier this month claimed they already owned a Wii Fit or were planning to buy one soon. I just don't understand why.


nina said...

is this the same woman from ezzy's post in your photo?

alex said...


if not it's the horrible lovechild of richard simmons and har mar

sleater said...

mic why do you hate video games so much