Wednesday, June 11, 2008


so me and a couple of other people called nina and catherine were in the line for the atm on sunday night after the ‘we love sounds’ festival (“we LOVE sounds guys! Just love them!”) when we got to talkin to the girls behind us. they were cute AS! really rockin the “festival fashion”. we made small talk about how hungry we were and how we couldn’t wait to eat pizza and how we felt like our stomachs were caving in on themselves.... etc. they seemed understandably excited by this topic of conversation and noted that they too were hungry but that sometimes it was beneficial when you miss meals at festivals because you’re too busy peaking. one of the girls then proceeded to tell us that she evens goes so far as to prepare pre-festival!

“yeah i know hey! like when i know i’m gonna get my tits out at a festival, i fullaaay take a pinger the night before so i look heaps skinny! it’s so good!”

cab to fox studios: $18
smirnoff black: $9
packet of camel lights: $10
conversation in atm queue: priceless

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Instant Touch said...

omg you guys soo skinny