Monday, June 23, 2008

party like mad

I can't believe it, but an hour ago I pressed play and just sat and watched this entire film. It's oddly captivating! Shot by Para One, it shows the crew from Institubes getting fucked up in major cities across the US. I usually give shit like this no more than 5 mins, but this is really wonderfully shot, even more expertly edited, and is really funny. And really gross. If any parents are on the lookout for an example of why their kids shouldn't do drugs... this is a pretty good one. But, then again, it does look pretty fucking fun!

Do it justice and allow yourself 40 mins. Watch on your lunch break or something.

Hooligan Disco (w/ English subtitles) from Institubes on Vimeo.

Its just lucky this guy wasn't on Party Like Mad Patrol at the time...

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