Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Brothers live in NY, make music together and produce records. They have recently worked with !!!, Professor Murder, Free Blood, and Telepathe (who are bringing their all-chick punk electro to Australia for VICE shows in Sydney and Melbourne late June (I am super excited about this)).

The pair's first collaboration was a tech tune in 2002 called Blazer, they then set up The Brothers Studio in 2004, established The Brothers Label last year and have been producing an impressively diverse range of bands and soloists while also writing and recording their own music. I love that they are doing everything themselves - they are like the indie Switch, their careers starting with a banging tech tune and now writing electro tracks while producing albums for bands with hugely varied sounds.

Download their Fader mixtape from their myspace, check out more at their website and keep your eyes peeled for a solo release soon.

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