Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dear No Age

If you happen upon Movestill before you read your own blog and don't have a chance to see this:

just wanted to let you know we'd love to have you on board!


overheard in stupid sydney

"windowlicker's gonna be my wedding song"

RE: FW: FW: FW: Fw: fw: Boy who looks like a thumb

Scott Dooley
Me (email): 'There is a boy who looks like a thumb at the bottom of this email.'
Sophie (email): 'He does look like a thumb. But I feel too sad about it to lol.'
Anna (email): 'ditto soph'
Neha (email): 'double u, tee, eff'

DJ-IZM! (drum and bass forum): 'Damn, beat me to it, just got this photo sent at work and was about to post it here'
felondnb (drum and bass forum): 'lol - i got sent this too...'
vdubjb (drum and bass forum): 'How the hell could something this random make it across the internet so quickly? Is this from Digg?'
eeeyes (drum and bass forum): 'i was wondering the same thing...'


I once heard that Mos Def has FIVE babies to FIVE different BABES.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009


nina las vegas recently made her cobrasnake debut and after discussing the event (tank: see you there) I had to check it out. For the record nins, you looked super pretty and not wasted at all.

At the beach today in between talking about nin's photo op, us babes also discussed 'being thin' and 'social photography' while eating salads, olives and a homemade nut selection (my speciality), and while wasting time internetting (jet lag is the worst I feel gross yuck) I came across some photos cobrasnake took at the old icebergs.

Thinspirational? Ew. The guy on the right looks like he's about to barf. And she looks so hungry! I hope someone gave that celeb a delicious canape and champagne STAT

(But - side note: I guess it's good to know when I am really tired of everything in my wardrobe I can bejewel an old tablecloth and pass it off as greco-roman-chic day-wear)

Also - isn't this (bottom right) the ex-Neighbours actor Jesse-something who is in House now?

Syk party!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


my hairdresser is moving overseas. i am understandably concerned.

dude it's justin

i started running my mouth about bon iver when i was introduced to his record last july. tonight i finally got to see him live. it really was unforgettable, it just doesn't get much better than this. having listened to these songs countless times in the privacy of my own room or in my headphones, it was almost unsettling at first to be in this big theatre watching him perform them to an audience. i've felt such a connection to this record that i really thought no one got it like i did. but of course everyone who hears it, gets it. anyway i will use point form to get to the point:

- show of 2009 already
- his voice was perfect
- the songs sounded exquisite at city recital hall (great acoustics)
- highlight was 'the wolves act 1 & 2' (refer to image below)
- 'lump sum' was staggering
- actually scrap that, they whole set was a series of mini highlights
- used an amazing steel drum looking coppery guitar in 'skinny love'
- it was a lot more 'noise' than i thought it would be. the band totally jammed out hard a couple of times- feedback steez
- crowd participation was required in two songs
- jonah hill is in his band
- sometimes jonah's percussion was really not in time and we were trying to figure out if he was shit or if it was like in keeping with his whole D.I.Y. imperfect sound on the record
- the drummer did a 'spacey' cover of a talk talk song which brought the yawns and was the cue for 'toilet break'
- the other member, the guitarist, sits on a stool cus he's really short
- i'm going to try to see bon iver tomorrow and friday probably at the famous spapghettitent
- he may or may not be playing a secret gig this saturday too

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i want to go to T.A.T.E.

i was watching letterman the other night and he had on zach braff (who i kinda hate cus he has this creepy triple chin eventhough he's not fat) who was semi-entertaining and arj barker who was SO horrible (and i actually think he's ok on fotc) and then this band called 'the airborne toxic event'. i know wtf. i saw it at the beginning, when the names of who is on the show come up? and i had a physical reaction like a "pffffttttt!!!!!!!" the fucking emo's are coming. also on the show was the final "great moments in presidential speeches" so it was extended and great ("it's important for us to explain to our nation that life is important. it's not only life of babies, but it's life of children living in, you know, the dark dungeons of the Internet"... a personal favourite).

but back to this BAND. anyway so the show's on in the background i'm doing whatever i'm doing (looking at the washing up and wondering if now's a good time) and then the musical guests come on. so the video above is them on letterman. and i think i kinda loved it?!!?1?!!!11 dave and paul loved it, they're gushing like schoolgirls at the end. i don't know, i sort of love it and then i hate it. the strings are cool but the female keyboardist is convulsing. the guitar parts remind me of interpol but his voice is cringey at times. it's a hard one but it was at least, pleasantly surprising given they have one of the worst names of all time.

my lonely days are over

help! i've fallen into an obama inauguration day k-hole.

i watched it all. i stayed up and watched it. i woke up and watched it. when i had to go to work, i got on youtube and watched it. then i came home and watched some more (mic can you get me a badge or something? a teaspoon maybs). he really can inspire people and has moved millions across the world in the last few months. his charisma and intelligence really suck you in and make you believe that things can be different.

but what about once the celebrities go back to L.A., the thousands of supporters leave washington d.c., the celebration is over and the historical significance has been realised; weeks from now, months from now. you have to feel a little bit nervous for someone who has so much resting on him, who has so many people's faith bestowed upon him (here are some thoughts from my friend rachel who lives in memphis). as obama takes the presidency on the twentieth day of the new year, the recession in the western world continues to worsen with no end in sight and the crisis in the middle east stands on very shaky ground.

of course barack has an entire administration around him, and undeniably it's not as if he is solely responsible for any decisions made by the U.S. government but what is certain is that he has already become an international symbol for change and progress. so let's hope that he can deliver on at least some of the promises made.

(hyde park barracks)

anyway i get emotional at the weirdest things. truly upsetting, heartbreaking things can happen in my life- real things- and my eyes won't even glaze over but give me an awards night acceptance speech or that one song by band of horses or a death on a daytime soap and its all over. today this just about killed me.

Guest post: Rose reviews War of the Roses

I’ve got the War of the Roies on my mind, probably because I’ve spent the majority of 2009 sitting through it. The whole thing felt like an artifact of from a different world, but I quite liked being asked to exercise the underused right side of my brain.

Before going I didn’t really understand why anyone would want to make such an “ambitious” (long) play, but in watching it you come appreciate the master plan. The eight history plays that make up the W of the Rs were intended as studies of individual kings, but staging one after the other means the abstract concept of kingship comes into focus, with each successive King appearing only as a temporary steward of the crown.

It took me a while to connect with the play, probably because it’s in a different emotional register to most of the arts I encounter. (It’s about bloodshed, rather than pathos / love / cynicism / web 2.0). But the first minute completely took my breath away. Millions of gold flakes falling down in total silence as C8 sat centre stage in flawless in monochromatic tailoring. Would have made the most stunning editorial Vogue shoot in history.

“Cate!”, I shouted, busting to break the fourth wall. Regally, she silenced me with her palm, her serene expression not even faltering for a second. Damn those Actors are good at improv. [1]

It continued golding away for the whole act, keeping me totally spellbound. Half way through, one of Actors got to lie down peacefully and die, spending the remainder of the play getting slowly covered in gold until he became part of the carpet of sparkles covering the stage. “That”, I whispered to my sister Alex, “is the role I was born to play."

There was a kute pomo moment somewhere between Richard II and Henry IV where the stagehands came on vacuumed up the gold, and didn’t we all find that amusing. But then all glitter was gone, and they killed Cate, and suddenly everything got very sober.

I thought we’d spend the next three hours pretending to enjoy being at the theatre while secretly waiting for her to come back, but fortunately I was wrong. Turns out I could concentrate a lot better when I didn’t have anyone so famous and pretty to stare at.

The humanity of the play came in the second act, with the character of Falstaff, who according to the program is “an old soldier young Prince Hal has taken up with”. A quick blowjob by the Prince cleared up any questions I had about what that meant. Their relationship supposedly represents the descent into ultimate depravity, but it’s also the only part of the play with any heart, and the Prince’s rejection of Falstaff when he becomes King was harder to watch than any of the gruesome killings.

Possibly the middle of the play was interesting too, but I wouldn’t know because the usher made me sit outside as punishment for being like thirty seconds late after the interval.
The End. (sort of – I have another four hours to go tonight).

[1]Only happened in my imagination, obvs.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best night ever


I had the most delicious dinner tonight with Alison P (here thanks to 2UE) and my brother at a restaurant called Freemans. So yum - highly recommend! - and wonderful taxidermy decor too.

After dinner I went to see Department of Eagles which was lovely. After that though, I trained to Brooklyn to check out a band called Lights. Please+please+please do yourself a favour and check them out!

I just got home from watching them perform at Glasslands (not Grasslands as previously posted my bad) in Greenpoint and am on such a high - they blew me away!

I had heard whispers about them, but didn't know much at all. Plus, I initially thought I was going to see Francis and the Lights because my new friend Lena manages them and I got confused when we were talking about tonight's line up together last week - I forgot it was Patrick Cleandenim and not Francis, but nevermind because 'anonymous' helped me out and when I arrived I was ready for some girl-rock-action.

They are the best live music I have seen since I arrived. Some truly talented musicians.


Monday, January 19, 2009

I love ya, tomorrow

Today, I bought the most wonderful new Grouper 12" and ate gluten-free pizza, frozen yoghurt and read xlr8r. I also found a copy of Arthur... from July 2008. I didn't realise the date when I picked it up! That hiccup aside, it was a wonderful day.


1) I am getting a tattoo

2) I am seeing Department of Eagles at the Bowery Ballroom and Francis and The Lights at the Grasslands Gallery

3) I am being interviewed for Nine MSN Australia on my recent Facebook hacking incident - Even when in New York the hacker haunts/taunts me!

I do miss Facebook, I must admit. I was at a party last night and was talking to a guy when I had to leave and he said "What's your Facebook, I'll add you!" to which I responded with a lengthy and unnecessary explanation of the 'incident' and saw him fall asleep on his feet. Don't blame him, it is a pretty lame story. But hopefully Nine MSN get some millage out of it!

One thing I miss about The Old is the celebrity stalking. Not your regular stars, but those "STARZ" of Facey that regularly update their status with wildly inappropriate social commentary, upload picture evidence of how wasted they were the past weekend and how many people they made out with, and promote parties and shows I never want to know about let alone pay $15 to walk into. I also miss the ease with which you can stay in touch with people. I do have a mobile phone and four email accounts, but without a Facebook I don't get invited to birthday parties and I don't understand the majority of personal jokes my friends make with each other because most of the time they are about the aforementioned celebs and what photos they've posted of themselves that hour. I wonder what MC Gaffy would have to say about my not having a Facey profile?

Another thing I loved and miss? It is like an online dating service. Check out a guy's profile, look at his interests (fave books, films, music), check out his friends and photo galleries, and THEN decide whether to proceed or click-on-by. Without that, what is a single lady like myself to do?

Maybe the Nine MSN feature reporter is cute!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

a night in the life of nyc

Nina wants more posting. So wanna hear about my latest adventure? While Sydney slept...

I went to see School of Seven Bells.

They put on a great show. Could have used more smoke though.

Then I went to a bar with Obama themed bathrooms

Then, my friend Hannah and I visited her friends on East Village Radio.

That's all we had time for. When it hit 3am and minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit and we couldn't feel our fingers, toes or noses, we decided to call it a night. Plus, we have to save energy for the Notorious matinee tomorrow!!!!

Good night X

Postcard from Aisle 6

Kellogg's has a new product on the market and it's a little bit delicious. I haven't been this excited about anything since Grain Waves. [Side note: are Grain Waves an Australian invention? I'd be pretty impressed and proud if so].

The casual observer might mistake Special K Advantage for a regular box of Special K, probably the exact marketing strategy Kellogg's had in mind. One loyal Special K customer (North Sydney office-working, Cue-wearing, Pilates-doing 34 y.o Woman) has already accidently brought a box home to her grumbling fiance (he used to eat Pop Tarts or last night's Pad Thai before moving in to their small but it has everything you need Neutral Bay flat).

Confusion aside, we were all pleasantly surprised to discover that Special K flakes + bran makes for a very happy union. It could and will be argued that Special K Advantage even tastes a bit like biscuit mixture! Pretty sure the Advantage is heaps of sugar.

What does MC Gaffy make of this new type of Special K?

Friday, January 16, 2009


Or I'll flood this shit with more Simpsons pop-culture references.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Le Simpsons avec Joustice


I will always fall in love with Maya on stage.

The girl oozes passion.

If you ever witnessed Maya Jupiter perform within the [somewhat] male dominated Australian Hip Hop scene, she always held her ground. Sadly, it's easy to make judgment on successful women in media/music. (Especially in Australia. Nicole Kidman much?) But with Maya, even if these thoughts had/do entered/enter her mind, not one part of her would show it.

After watching this video of Maya in LA with KRS-1, AND after seeing Santogold twice in the last week, I am all about performers who GENUINELY love it. F the H8ers.

Moved to LA, writing a new album and getting married to Aloe Blacc.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today is no pants day

Being in New York, I've been invited to participate in the 8th Annual No Pants! Subway Ride. Sounds like a blast BUT!!!! it's going to snow today and the weather peeps have predicted at least 6 - 8 inches of snow in some areas!! My friend Dave is excited - he's going snowboarding in his local park this arvo!

Below are the dets if you're in NYC and feel like some public nudity, but the question for me remains: to de-robe, or not to de-robe? While in NYC I feel I should participate in as many NYC events as possible but it is really cold...

1) Willing to take pants off on subway
2) Able to keep a straight face about it


When: Saturday, January 10 at 3:00 PM, Sharp! (Over by around 5:30)
Where: Meet at Foley Square at the black sculpture/fountain. It's near the Brooklyn Bridge 6 train stop, between Centre and Lafayette, just north of Duane.
Bring: A backpack and a metro card.
Do not bring: A camera (we'll have several photographers on hand)
Wear: Normal winter clothes (hat, gloves, etc)
After Party: For those over 21, there will be an official No Pants after party at Sidebar, 15th Street and Irving Place. First drink is free if you arrive without pants.

I think snowboarding in the park sounds more fun...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I didn't want to wake Nina

In a second I'm going to talk discursively about my New Year's Eve/Day couplet and I'm worried it's going to be BORING.

I get paranoid about being boring. Often I can hear myself being boring. Sometimes I react and lamend, other times I plough through the feeling and insist on being boring. But I figure the self-knowledge of being boring is the important thing- an unfamiliar feeling to anyone who dropped a New Year's pinger. Having being stuck in conversation with many who had, and hearing comprehensive reports of an unusually flat Pnau show in Newcastle, I'm pretty sure the latest batch were cut with Boring.

There are so many variables in determining why someone might take pills, acid, K or coke, (access, personality, financial status, dress sense etc...) but it's funny to think that the chemical makeup of the drug itself is yet another factor in grouping certain people together on a given night. Taking a bit of everything is the only way to ensure that everyone likes you (one of my most abiding preoccupations!)

Predictably, I'm interested in the ethnic makeup of various drug users. I undertook several years of empirical research at a Jewish high school, and I would say that my people seem to steer clear of everything but pot and cocaine. The Vietnamese have been known to traffic heroin, but does anyone know what they snort/smoke/swallow to bring in the New Year?

Hoping to find a handy pie chart or venn diagram I tapped in a few words in to Google, but the results proved both inconclusive and disappointingly lacking in outrageous stereotypes. I did find these though?:

[Edit: several wordy and indulgent (though impossibly hilarious!) paragraphs about the evenings festivities at Goodgod have been removed in aid of gettingtothepoint]

After a pleasantly delicate struggle between my companions about what course of action would best suit our various moods, I arrived back from Levins' at around OMGIMSOCRAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY:00 AM.

I was staying at Nina's and we had arranged that I would ring her when I arrived and she would let me in. But when I got there I just wasn't tired, it was so weird!1

It seemed cruel to wake her when she had such an outrageously hectic day of achieving ahead. So filled with an inflated perception of the beauty and limitless possibilities of '09, I went for a lope around Newtown. I ducked in to the petrol station on Enmore Road to buy a Moleskine 'The Legendary Notebook of Hemingway, Picasso, and Chatwin' but left with a refreshing and delicious lemon Calippo.

It was the perfect counterpoint to the increasingly asphyxiating black velvet dress I was wearing- my third costume change for the night. I could barely remember what it was like to have felt both scultped and svelte when I had first tried on Sisterhood of the Travelling Dress but a few hours before.

I began to feel simultaneously tired and proud. The idea of being inside Nina's house had become a more alluring concept, but since I'd waited this long (about 15 minutes by this stage) it wouldn't be fair to deprive her of another 3 hours sleep. After two abortive attempts to break in to her property, the next obvious course of action was to put my crap on someone's car and take artistic photos of my situation.

Since I was in Newtown, I also prayed to some Tibetian Buddhist flags that Nina would magically awake or that Jane Gazzo would appear and invite me to crash on her couch. Part of my prayer was answered but the unhospitable bitch didn't say a word!

This sox, I thought. 2009 sox.

But then! a kindly old Tongan who didn't have heaps of English or teeth invited me to sit in his front yard with his family. I love sitting as much as the next person and I sat at the opportunity.

Tonga is longitudially is one of first places to celebrate New Year's Eve, and going by the fairly copious amounts of alcohol perched on our table (no drugs though, unhelpful for my research), this family was also one of the last.

After directing what I believe will be one of the defining works in the burgeoning genre of Tongasploitation films:

New Year's Day from movestill on Vimeo.

the thought suddenly occured that it was time for me to exit this scenario. I farwelled my new friends, broke in to Nina's garage, rifled through a dusty giveaways bag for my fourth outfit change (a comforting blue muu-muu), sat down in my makeshift office and started to blog on a scrap of moldy cardboard box.

Happy 2k9 babes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009