Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my lonely days are over

help! i've fallen into an obama inauguration day k-hole.

i watched it all. i stayed up and watched it. i woke up and watched it. when i had to go to work, i got on youtube and watched it. then i came home and watched some more (mic can you get me a badge or something? a teaspoon maybs). he really can inspire people and has moved millions across the world in the last few months. his charisma and intelligence really suck you in and make you believe that things can be different.

but what about once the celebrities go back to L.A., the thousands of supporters leave washington d.c., the celebration is over and the historical significance has been realised; weeks from now, months from now. you have to feel a little bit nervous for someone who has so much resting on him, who has so many people's faith bestowed upon him (here are some thoughts from my friend rachel who lives in memphis). as obama takes the presidency on the twentieth day of the new year, the recession in the western world continues to worsen with no end in sight and the crisis in the middle east stands on very shaky ground.

of course barack has an entire administration around him, and undeniably it's not as if he is solely responsible for any decisions made by the U.S. government but what is certain is that he has already become an international symbol for change and progress. so let's hope that he can deliver on at least some of the promises made.

(hyde park barracks)

anyway i get emotional at the weirdest things. truly upsetting, heartbreaking things can happen in my life- real things- and my eyes won't even glaze over but give me an awards night acceptance speech or that one song by band of horses or a death on a daytime soap and its all over. today this just about killed me.


rh said...

haha i was in an inauguration hole as well. if i knew i'd get a link, i would have blogged about some more though provoking ideas! : > but i totally am with you. people are putting so much into obama like he can completely fix our fucked up nation. during obama's speech yesterday, adam said, "at this point....if obama told the american public that he was the son of god....i think like 90% of us would believe him." that's sad but it is SO true!

nina said...

I lost it when beyonce lost it. 2:21 to be exact.

jack said...