Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i want to go to T.A.T.E.

i was watching letterman the other night and he had on zach braff (who i kinda hate cus he has this creepy triple chin eventhough he's not fat) who was semi-entertaining and arj barker who was SO horrible (and i actually think he's ok on fotc) and then this band called 'the airborne toxic event'. i know wtf. i saw it at the beginning, when the names of who is on the show come up? and i had a physical reaction like a "pffffttttt!!!!!!!" the fucking emo's are coming. also on the show was the final "great moments in presidential speeches" so it was extended and great ("it's important for us to explain to our nation that life is important. it's not only life of babies, but it's life of children living in, you know, the dark dungeons of the Internet"... a personal favourite).

but back to this BAND. anyway so the show's on in the background i'm doing whatever i'm doing (looking at the washing up and wondering if now's a good time) and then the musical guests come on. so the video above is them on letterman. and i think i kinda loved it?!!?1?!!!11 dave and paul loved it, they're gushing like schoolgirls at the end. i don't know, i sort of love it and then i hate it. the strings are cool but the female keyboardist is convulsing. the guitar parts remind me of interpol but his voice is cringey at times. it's a hard one but it was at least, pleasantly surprising given they have one of the worst names of all time.


sophie said...

The part of you that likes this performance is the part of us that likes Sweet Disposition and B.Flowers.

Band name comes from White Noise by Don DeLillo, which I own (and haven't read.)

neha said...

i really like how you use 'us'. they're still playing.

really!!! don delillo..... hasn't it been some years since i've heard that name in uts' design cafe/the clare... but how can you pick the link if you haven't the old... read?

sophie said...

It's important to know vague facts about any book I intend to read or movie I hope to see, just in case I find myself in a conversation where I need to pretend that I have read and seen pretty much all the arts out there.

I like how we're the only ones who get notified when there's a new comment, we can keep having this conversation in secret... omg how annoying is EZZY!

neha said...

ezzy was pissing me off the other day too!
wanna go to the beach or big day out?

sophie said...

omg neither. <3 the indoors

CATCALL said...

i took own white noise and have never read it