Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Best night ever

photo: www.benrowlandphotography.com

I had the most delicious dinner tonight with Alison P (here thanks to 2UE) and my brother at a restaurant called Freemans. So yum - highly recommend! - and wonderful taxidermy decor too.

After dinner I went to see Department of Eagles which was lovely. After that though, I trained to Brooklyn to check out a band called Lights. Please+please+please do yourself a favour and check them out!

I just got home from watching them perform at Glasslands (not Grasslands as previously posted my bad) in Greenpoint and am on such a high - they blew me away!

I had heard whispers about them, but didn't know much at all. Plus, I initially thought I was going to see Francis and the Lights because my new friend Lena manages them and I got confused when we were talking about tonight's line up together last week - I forgot it was Patrick Cleandenim and not Francis, but nevermind because 'anonymous' helped me out and when I arrived I was ready for some girl-rock-action.

They are the best live music I have seen since I arrived. Some truly talented musicians.



burnslog said...

freemans is my favourite restaurant! so glad you two went there!

nina said...

la roux - quicksand has been added!