Monday, January 26, 2009


nina las vegas recently made her cobrasnake debut and after discussing the event (tank: see you there) I had to check it out. For the record nins, you looked super pretty and not wasted at all.

At the beach today in between talking about nin's photo op, us babes also discussed 'being thin' and 'social photography' while eating salads, olives and a homemade nut selection (my speciality), and while wasting time internetting (jet lag is the worst I feel gross yuck) I came across some photos cobrasnake took at the old icebergs.

Thinspirational? Ew. The guy on the right looks like he's about to barf. And she looks so hungry! I hope someone gave that celeb a delicious canape and champagne STAT

(But - side note: I guess it's good to know when I am really tired of everything in my wardrobe I can bejewel an old tablecloth and pass it off as greco-roman-chic day-wear)

Also - isn't this (bottom right) the ex-Neighbours actor Jesse-something who is in House now?

Syk party!!!!


nina said...

I had to add my photo. SORR. LOL.

nina said...

ALSO, the woman to the left of Damon IS MY MUM!

Anna said...

omg. in that link to carta on the ole snakey the guy next to her holding her up is in one of the sweat it out t's that marc made for jaxxy!

neha said...

see you there!!! haha.

and no that is not jesse spencer!!!