Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hate being the first person to post post-Anna

But this is urgent.

How does one maintain The Pip?

For some time now, Neha and I have been rocking The Pip (arguably The M.I.A and The Lou).

or The Mai Hem

But as the regrowth-clock marches forward i'm starting to panic that my hair will become a mega-embarrassing 3-toned instead of the utterly-desirable 2 tones.

How should I proceed? Is it advisable to dye the dark section (new regrowth incl.) even darker, or should I keep lightening the light bits?!!

As more and more people contemplate getting The Pip we must find out the definitive answer to this nuanced question.

BONUS: A Brief History Of The Pip

Back in the days when everyone was just rocking The Rachel, Pip cleverly combined The Rachel with THE REVERSE PIP! (while still managing to look like a total babe)

The Pip in its nascent stages, earliest recorded documentation:

Unsure of how to end this post so will just ape Hipster Runoff: LUV U THE PIPS

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So, I was the youngest of four kids. My mum & dad worked alot and brothers and sister were heaps older than me and never wanted to hang out, so I spent alot of time alone, largely unsupervised.

I did lots of cool stuff to pass the time. I had lots of rabbits which I would play with. I'd let them breed and then sell their babies. I really liked Aerobics Oz Style and spent heaps of time hanging out in my favourite leotards with my pets.

I listened to alot of my families records and had a special folder where I would write out my favourite songs word for word. Each song would take me 2 or 3 days. This is my written log of George Michael favourite 'Faith'.

Occasionally Mum would take me to work with her where I would get to be in the catalogues for her 80's maternity wear label.

Sometimes I got to pretend to be an asian child!

Once I had to breastfeed off a woman who was not my mum- weird!

But then again, at least I didn't have to pretend to be pregnant like my 16 year old sister did...

Anyway, when times really got tough, there was no good shows on telly, I was sick of stretching, the neighbours wern't answering the door and there was NOTHING else to do I would try my hand at writing. Sometimes I would write poems, like this (SHITEOUS) one:

Fireball??? dreams?? wtf.

Other times I would try my hand at "creative writing". Which for me, was basically summarising my favourite Disney movie at the time and claiming I had created it. I would read it to visitors who came to the house and generally feel proud of myself. I would even running write my name at the top, all 'i invented this' and stuff. However in hindsight I wasn't really covering my tracks so well....

The memories of my inability to story tell linger on. Of all the syk skills I acquire, the fact that I suck at writing still haunts me. And that is why it has taken me a year and a half to (be bored enough to) write on movestill.


p.s. side note- my goth party in year 4- how ahead of the times?!


I've always been a fan of both Buffy-esque content and not reading books, so I liked this film.

Vegetarian Vampires? AMAZLOL.

However, I kept wondering about two things while I watched the film.

1. Did Alex Grigg once tell me about these books?

2. I really hope fame doesn't go to little Justin Chon's head. Would hate to see him turn all French/musically successful.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, throw cares away

back home tonight. the colours for this video really match this blog and it's by the drummer from hot chip. so this is my pick for the nostalgic road trip home song. 2K8 miss you s0000 much rite now. will movestill still be relevant next year? is it relevant now? worried about 2K9 yall.

also, if you're tired of watching christmas movies (hell to the no!) then here are some youtube's you can watch this week...

spin's 20 best music videos of 2008

pitchfork's 40 best music videos of 2008

special slice of christmas cheer courtesy of mad decent

i haven't seen most of those clips before so i plan to check them out if i can stop with this lot....

so i get it, maybe we're not all feeling as festive as usual, in this the "recession christmas". i read that sydney city's decorations received a 20% cut back from last year (bit ridic). as did some of the bigger corporate parties thanks to a cut in annual bonuses (who cares really). but what's with the cards? i only received one christmas card this year.

normally i get at least 5 and then a few e-cards with 'elf yourself' type LOL's. did anyone receive lots of christmas cards? anyone? anyone? bueller? a good friend of mine commented that she has one lone card on her mantle too- from elton john (seriously what is even going on there)

the one good thing is that tonnes of stores have started their sales PRE christmas to boost spending. mary-kate gushes, "it's really sad - the recession is everywhere. but at least they are having good sales," said olsen, who pointed to her hat. "that's where I got this! the recession!" she got it at the recession! bless.

seriously though, i really do think it's a nice time of year. i hope you all get some heavy duty r&r with family, friends and lovers before......

or should i say this.....

things look a little different when you're high

UPDATE: this isn't even that funny. sorry.

Monday, December 22, 2008


Having only just recovered from my crazy Saturday night (LIE), I am finally relaxing (SECOND LIE. HAVEN'T DONE SHIT).

Once again, Mum and Dad's Xmas gathering highlighted their ability to host the most ethnic BBQ in Wagga. I was allowed to invite a friend, so I chose Kate. We didn't socialise much, but really pulled through at the end of the night when Nikita's (sister) boyfriend's father needed to talk to people (DRUNK). We also scored brownie points when my dad needed to tell everyone that dinner was ready, as we 'performed' the announcement really well.

Kate's bf is featured in the 2009 Mangoplah-Cookadinia-Eastlakes United Calendar. He's topless, and she carries a photo of him in her wallet. His giant ability to be a BABE, was rewarded with a place on my family's fridge.

After discussing the newly crowned Miss Wagga (featured below) and the 23 year old Wagga City Councilor with a D.U.I charge, we headed momentary out. Apparently there are heaps of knife fights in Baylis St after dark. I didn't see any, but thought it was safer to go home regardless.

On Sunday I went shopping. Well, actually just window shopping. I recently found a picture on Facebook of my old flatmate (The One Who Still Hates Me), wearing a dress that I found in Myer.
It's $140? WTF.

Over priced, ugly-ass dresses were a recurring theme downtown. It's no suprise that local stores only last 6 months or so. Either that, or knife fights were a massive problem in all the shit clothing stores on Baylis St.

I met up with Dad and he also refused both plastic and green bags from Woolworths, so I had to carry everything to the car. I pretty sure my parents only flew me down to help them grocery shop.

At home Nikita and Janine were laughing at the School Spectacular on ABC 2. Mum found everything 'token'. The token Aboriginal piece, Country piece and the 'Special Ed' piece were all commented on.

After being ditched by mistermooseman (for gambling), I caught up with the local thesbian scene (ALL IN-CHARACTER). Driving home, I got pulled over and breath tested. Sirens and all. I swear, Wagga is becoming B.More.

Today was nowhere near as eventful and I'm happily blaming mistermooseman. He forgot that he'd rescheduled our reunion, and I waited at home for 2 hours. I have since told him that he has missed any chance of a reconciliation. Maybe 2009.


My cat (LOL) is sick.

This post is for you Kevin (real name: Peach).

'Both Muscles and Tim Rogers would like to wish Alan Jones a full and safe recovery from brain surgery and look forward to listening to him on the airwaves in 2009.'

Saturday, December 20, 2008



I'm spending the next four (maybe five) days in Wagga Wagga.

Slightly distressed at the thought that I was not attending my main-man-Ken-Hutchin's (who the FUCK is KEN?) Pilooski bash, once I heard parent's changed internet providers, my spirits [oddly] lifted.


Mum picked me up at the newly refurbished Wagga Wagga Airport and we both LOLed about how dramatically fake we made our re-union appear to other travelers.

We drove to Dad's shop, where I greeted him with my attitude and a small 'Welcome Home Fight'. Mum showed me her new favourite shop next door, selling 'very interesting wool'.

I noticed the patchworks the Saturday Sewing Club (name not confirmed) had been working on.

After a quick coffee, I went to Woolworths with Janine (mum). Can you believe they are trialling self-service check-outs in Wagga? COULDN'T.

When the girl at the register asked if Janine wanted a green bag, she screamed 'NOOOO!' and said we'll be happier carrying everything in our (my) arms. Realising that she had just appeared slightly senile, I LOLed as I watched my mum try to explain her response.

The woman also apologised. She told Janine that it's just to hard to not ask the customer, especially when her register automatically prompts her to do so.

Mum pointed out a sausage sizzle as we walked out Woolworths. 'You don't get that in the city, do you Nina?'.

'No Mum, I've never seen one before.'

PLEASE NOTE - I have a history of writing Wagga Wagga themed blogs. If you haven't already wiped myspace out of your twitter-fueled-www-iPhone-worlds, they are all hear and here.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Where were you when you found out Heath died?

I was fast asleep in my gritty East(mindyou!)-Redfern sharehouse in Surry Lols. My friend Rabia sms'd to tell me at around 7am, or whatever time the story broke. My first instinct was to text Nina. Passing on information is such a reliable method for semi-processing it. I went back to sleep for an hour or two, had weird drug-overdose dreams, and woke up eager to think about nothing but Heath.


On Crown St, children were shouting 'HEY LOOK! IT'S THE SANTOGOLDMAS BUS!'

At the Melbourne Airport Cab Rank, the Santogoldmas period brings sadness once again to Santi's mum. Festive seasons just aren't so festive, without family.