Saturday, December 13, 2008

Merry Pathos

Two weeks ago I was driving in Alexandria and saw an Indian man dressed in a Santa suit, holding a sign advertising a discount Christmas decorations warehouse. He used his spare hand to wave enthusiastically at every car that drove past.

A bit further down Botany Road I saw another two Indian men doing exactly the same thing. Human signage always seems depressingly superfluous, but including waving as part of the job description was an especially demeaning touch.

A few days later I had an adorable car accident and I've been catching the old PT ever since. My bus to work on Friday (wow, I feel like i'm inhabiting someone else's life uttering that sentence) was a Christmas Bus. The driver wore a Santa hat, there were red and green balloons, snowman decals on the windows and a sexy slow version of 'Jingle Bells' played over the loudspeaker. Even the windsreen wipers were entwined in tinsel.

Perhaps i'm just being a little too Jewish/morose teenager about all this, but metallic just feels a little bleak at 8:20am on a rainy morning.

But I'm feeling a lot better since I made this

I hope Santagold brings you something good this year!


nina said...

so you don't want to go christmas shopping?

Michaella said...

that card! amazing! so funny!

also, funny timing for this post sopho - I was having a conversation on friday night (at a christmas party, go figure) with some people who were all saying how they'd not noticed any christmas paraphernalia and they felt people werent getting into the christmas spirit this year. Nice to know the bus drivers of St Ives are living out the christmas cheer for us all!

max said...

i spent two christmases at bakers delight in a santa hat and special green christmas shorts. therefore, i am way into enjoying other retail employees forced costumes. i've paid my dues.

nina said...

Sophie doesn't live in St Ives!