Wednesday, December 10, 2008

things nina and i did at MGMT

check our phones
go deaf
laugh at the drunk kids being carried out
go to the bathroom to get toilet paper to stuff into our ears
talk about kanye
see people we know
call sushi suma during 'electric feel'
shout out "play love lockdown"
show each other new app's we got
see richard kingsmill
talk about how loud it was
pretend we were a couple
leave before the end


Anonymous said...

you're not very cool

Michaella said...

forgot that Michaella was also in attendance

jess said...

ahaha love it

Anonymous said...

Hahaha... Went to the Melbourne show on Thursday. Totally the same vibe - beautiful audience in neo-hippie garb (braided leather hair bands were apparently mandatory for girls 18-21) but unless it was Electric Feel, Kids or Time to Pretend - every mofo was talking to their neighbour...probably to stay awake.