Thursday, December 4, 2008

first and foremost, i'd like to thank god.

we've decided that awards shows are the new festivals- ARIA's, SOYA's, SMAC's.... it's all happening and the American ARIA's (they call them the grammys) have just announced their nominees. you can check them all out here.

movestill faves m.i.a., lil wayne and kings of leon scored a few nods. as did MGMT- electric feel (justic remix) for best remix. how hip!

i thought the ARIA's had a lot of categories but man. the grammy's have like 110 effing awards! that's a lot of trophies. you can just imagine the dorky guys sitting around the office getting so psyched every time they think of a new award. here's a few of my favourite cringes- best surround sound album, best historical album, best album notes, best spoken word album for children, best hawaiian music album.

it kind of makes you wonder, what percentage of americans have a grammy.

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