Friday, December 19, 2008

Where were you when you found out Heath died?

I was fast asleep in my gritty East(mindyou!)-Redfern sharehouse in Surry Lols. My friend Rabia sms'd to tell me at around 7am, or whatever time the story broke. My first instinct was to text Nina. Passing on information is such a reliable method for semi-processing it. I went back to sleep for an hour or two, had weird drug-overdose dreams, and woke up eager to think about nothing but Heath.


rose said...

"what's wrong?" i said to james, as we stood around at uni waiting for our coffees to be called out.

"it's my birthday and heath ledger is dead"


nina said...

'Did you hear?' Ali Benton said to me in the ABC cafe.
'No? What?'
'Heath's dead'. WTF? I ran straight to the internet and called Sophie.

yesyesyesyo said...

It's either redfern or surry lols. Can't be both.

I was at work. Nina texted me and I went quote:' Heath Who?'

nina said...

... I then had to explain to mat.

sophie said...

Lol Mat, you are quite the proof-reader. But can be both. All depends on who you are talking to. I told granparents it was in Surry Hills so it seemed safer. I told my school friends it was Redfern so I seemed more hardcore.

Rose, James who? King?

Shag said...

Where were you when you bought Thirsty Merc's 'Slideshows'?

"April 21 last year. It was a Saturday and I was moving house, but I still went out that morning to buy it lol =P The poster on the wall above my head says "New Album 'SLIDESHOWS' Out April 28" Haha you're wrong, poster!!!"