Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So, I was the youngest of four kids. My mum & dad worked alot and brothers and sister were heaps older than me and never wanted to hang out, so I spent alot of time alone, largely unsupervised.

I did lots of cool stuff to pass the time. I had lots of rabbits which I would play with. I'd let them breed and then sell their babies. I really liked Aerobics Oz Style and spent heaps of time hanging out in my favourite leotards with my pets.

I listened to alot of my families records and had a special folder where I would write out my favourite songs word for word. Each song would take me 2 or 3 days. This is my written log of George Michael favourite 'Faith'.

Occasionally Mum would take me to work with her where I would get to be in the catalogues for her 80's maternity wear label.

Sometimes I got to pretend to be an asian child!

Once I had to breastfeed off a woman who was not my mum- weird!

But then again, at least I didn't have to pretend to be pregnant like my 16 year old sister did...

Anyway, when times really got tough, there was no good shows on telly, I was sick of stretching, the neighbours wern't answering the door and there was NOTHING else to do I would try my hand at writing. Sometimes I would write poems, like this (SHITEOUS) one:

Fireball??? dreams?? wtf.

Other times I would try my hand at "creative writing". Which for me, was basically summarising my favourite Disney movie at the time and claiming I had created it. I would read it to visitors who came to the house and generally feel proud of myself. I would even running write my name at the top, all 'i invented this' and stuff. However in hindsight I wasn't really covering my tracks so well....

The memories of my inability to story tell linger on. Of all the syk skills I acquire, the fact that I suck at writing still haunts me. And that is why it has taken me a year and a half to (be bored enough to) write on movestill.


p.s. side note- my goth party in year 4- how ahead of the times?!


Marc said...


neha said...

fabulous first post looney!!!!!!!

"one day mermaidella was swimming around when she saw a thing. well it wosent acsholly a thing it was a boat"

hahahahahaha. gold star. that is the best story i've ever read.

anna said...

i invented myself nehzie!

Marc said...

I kid, I kid! You have actually inspired me to start writing again. And to wear more leotards. I never wear enough leotards. Leotards are the real winner here. Um yes merry xmas everyone.

Pase Rock said...

feeling it.

Shag said...

Out of nowhere, Anna writes the blog post of the year.

Elliot said...

Awesome first post!

sophie said...

Cute Ell!

(Anna, Elliot is my brother- the owner of A-OK)

And I agree with everyone. Extremely lol post (esp. you pregnant 16 year old sister)- Thank God You're Here.

and ps: I realised today that your Mum's name rhymes with Ezzy's mum's name.

lev dawg said...

highlight of 2008!! x

Kit said...

i just loled while rofling