Tuesday, December 23, 2008

hark how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say, throw cares away

back home tonight. the colours for this video really match this blog and it's by the drummer from hot chip. so this is my pick for the nostalgic road trip home song. 2K8 miss you s0000 much rite now. will movestill still be relevant next year? is it relevant now? worried about 2K9 yall.

also, if you're tired of watching christmas movies (hell to the no!) then here are some youtube's you can watch this week...

spin's 20 best music videos of 2008

pitchfork's 40 best music videos of 2008

special slice of christmas cheer courtesy of mad decent

i haven't seen most of those clips before so i plan to check them out if i can stop with this lot....

so i get it, maybe we're not all feeling as festive as usual, in this the "recession christmas". i read that sydney city's decorations received a 20% cut back from last year (bit ridic). as did some of the bigger corporate parties thanks to a cut in annual bonuses (who cares really). but what's with the cards? i only received one christmas card this year.

normally i get at least 5 and then a few e-cards with 'elf yourself' type LOL's. did anyone receive lots of christmas cards? anyone? anyone? bueller? a good friend of mine commented that she has one lone card on her mantle too- from elton john (seriously what is even going on there)

the one good thing is that tonnes of stores have started their sales PRE christmas to boost spending. mary-kate gushes, "it's really sad - the recession is everywhere. but at least they are having good sales," said olsen, who pointed to her hat. "that's where I got this! the recession!" she got it at the recession! bless.

seriously though, i really do think it's a nice time of year. i hope you all get some heavy duty r&r with family, friends and lovers before......

or should i say this.....


nina said...

Is it just me, or was the Good God NYE poster 'appropriated' by the modular recession party recently?


neha said...

i thought that too! but then i couldn't find anything on it. are we thinking of this maybe?