Sunday, December 7, 2008

Glow In The Dark: The Review

Kanye West's Glow In The Dark tour graced Sydney last night and Neha, Sophie, Nina (and Nina's sister) and I were in attendance. On the train home we decided we'd each review the show for The Old.

I don't really know how to write this review without sounding like an absolute bitch. So here goes. If you hate it, "Fuck You!" ***

If you'd seen the show last night, you would now know that it is really, really tough being a superstar world-touring musician.

I would never imagine that life is simple for anyone, but last night Kanye made it abundantly clear (to people that paid $100 to see his show mind you) that despite the fancy cars, LV carry-alls, Gucci loafers, and Connect Four tournaments with Beyoncé and Jay he has had a tough year, and while we worry about securing another freelance job to make sure we can pay the rent, people can't find food to eat, terrorists attack hotels, and you get the gist, we must keep in mind that a journalist somewhere in the world has said they don't like Kanye's new album. Apparently that, babes, is the real tragedy.

He is a wonderfully charasmatic performer, the light show was fun and impressive, and I did really enjoy myself, but the moments of extreme self-indulgence clouded what could have been a spectacular evening - namely, his lengthy sing-song rant empathising with Britney Spears and reminding us that he was sensitive to press criticisms while concurrently telling the press "Fuck You!", and his tantrum during the concert finale.

After creating a wonderfully upbeat atmosphere with his previous album singles and great work from his live band, he finished with 808's morose Heartless and Love Lockdown, threw a tantrum, and then house lights came up. Not such a happy ending. Don't get me wrong, I love his music, and I loved the show for the first hour, but the ending was just... strange.

I should thank him really. Not only was I enlightened to the difficulties of Superstardom for Kanye and Britney, but I also learnt:

Kanye is "real" - a modern-day Pinoccio if you will - and has just come out of a really bad breakup and is pretty sad about it.

And the next time someone offends me ("PS your magazine sucks!") I can say "Fuck You!" and expect them to interpret that aggressiveness as a manifestation of my own professional insecurities and want for appreciation and recognition. ***

Or I could always charge them $100 and tell them through song that they'd hurt my feelings.

Michaella (PS. sorr for going totes over the word limit guys - just doing a Kanye/having a rant)


sophie said...

lol Mic!!

neha said...

do you think muscles went?

Anonymous said...

i was there last night literally a metre from yeezy.
trust him to say 'i love sydney!' with his back turned & walk off leavin us with nothing more to say than wtf... that was tight tho.

He's such a Legend in the makin.

how good was kid cudi?????!

Michaella said...

Dear Anon,

Kid Cudi was THE BEST but what prompted that..? Did you read my review in this month's Groupie Mag?

And the "I Love Sydney" back-turned exit was so strange...