Sunday, December 7, 2008

Glow In The Dark: A Review

I don't have anything substantial to say about the Kanye West show last night. I'm willing to defer to Nina, Neha, Michaella and Ninasister (her name is Nikita, Mic), just as I was happy to defer to the Aboriginal football player sitting next to us who was bopping away through the whole show (this is fun? Ok!)

But I did like Kanye's opening outfit, it was v. Surr Hills.

Except for the hair, he seems to have grown it out and I was very pleased and oddly surprised to note that he has bona fide black person's hair. Dead giveaway that he's not from Surry Hills.

I wonder what Kanye's closing outfit was going to be...

(photo taken with Neha's iPhone on the loooooooooooong train home from Olympic Park)

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neha said...

let's never take public transport again. ewwwwww