Sunday, December 7, 2008

Glow In The Dark: Acrostic Review

K illed it.
A m always going to enjoy a kanye show- nina's facebook status update halfway through the show.
N as was good too! especially liked 'made you look'. he had an all black/asian rock band like fall out boy or gym class heroes.
Y ou could tell that not that many people knew the kanye's new album tracks yet.
E ntertaining light show. wasn't the full 'glow in the dark' tour from the americas but still awesome. a bit daft punk.

W as so limber on his feet. moved really well on stage we decided. very athletic. barely stopped the whole time.
E asily the best crowd reaction was 'homecoming' (feat. chris martin). bit weird?
S ophie told me he used 808's and autotune a lot for this record because he thought they sounded like heartbreak together. i thought that was interesting. autotune does sound a bit like a robot heartbreak.
T hree outfit changes. loved all of them. so high fashion kan.

I enjoyed the tracks from 'graduation' the most for sure. highlights- 'champion', 'good life', 'can't tell me nothing', 'flashing lights'.
S uite 13 with lots of football players.

D idn't play 'robocop' but gave it his ALL for 'welcome to heartbreak'. you could just hear it in his voice. wow.
A cer arena wasn't totally full. homebake? connie was. shoulda sung on your kanye tracks gurrrrrl! xoxo

B ag raiders were there.
E very one except him on stage (band, singers etc.) were wearing these wiggy masks.
S hit merchandise but the t-shirts did glow in the dark.
T exting the melbourne ladies! best way to get over someone is to get under someone else kan!


Anonymous said...

I agree!

But no mention of the amazin back up singin babe!
She just did not stop, it was like sign language but full bodied and with a butt bigger than chaka khan's! (biggest butt i have ever seen)

Also you probably couldnt see from your corporate box seat with ALL the extras but Yezzy had a very sweaty crotch mirroring an early Fergalicious!

xoxo Nella

neha said...

oh yeah! that back up singer was ferosh!! was she wearing gareth pugh?

Anonymous said...

I'm not too sure, possibly could have been a Pugh. Whatev's it was, it was totally reakin' of Rosin Murphy.

Her moves were so sexy sign language which was good, because when kanye was rappin too fast for my white ears she was there to translate all!

xoxo Nella

sophie said...

I am so obsessed with that Kanye text message. First, I think it's really sweet that he just goes out there and says "you're sooo fucking beautiful". It's so nice, imagine how thrilled she would've been to recieve that!

I am also intrigued by the inconsistencies in his abbreviations/txt speak. 'You' is 'u', and yet he spells 'you're' and 'I'm' properly. I have also never seen 'right' shortened to 'rt', but i'm down.

I wonder if she hit him when she left? And I wonder what she invited him to in the first place? (whatever it was, lol at the thought of KANYE WEST just rocking up.)

And giant overall lol at having KANYE WEST in your address book.