Monday, December 8, 2008


das monk is back with a hot new range to bring us the maximum fun times this summer! there are seven new designs and all of them are made from 100% organic cotton...... soooo soft.

we caught up with das monk head honcho marc hendrick a few minutes ago.

MS: sup marc!
DM: sup movestill!
MS: so tell us what inspired the new range.
DM: rene magritte, absinthe, and the pixies.
MS: what is your favourite tee and why?
DM: probably the mount hexx tee. because it's a circle and i like circles. they're really great.
MS: if 'das monk' was a 'lifestyle brand', what kind of person would wear your t-shirts? (blogggg)
DM: cole alexander from the black lips. i have a slight man crush on him.
MS: anything else you want to tell us about 'return to mount hexx'
DM: i want to make a movie about it... it would be like 'the labyrinth' meets 'army of darkness: evil dead 3'. starring myself of course.
MS: like i have time for this. later.
DM: BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

the new range 'return to mount hexx' is available now at


sophie said...

who is your new girl model Marc? She's really pretty. (nice shirts too)

Anonymous said...

OMG I've heard Marc Hendrick is a total babe.