Sunday, November 30, 2008

sorry, who is this?

"why are you posting a photo of sophie's back?"

the person in the photo above is NOT sophie.

what is up with that?

EXACTLY. on wednesday night at the COFA annual, i spotted this girl and thought "sophie?" and realised it wasn't and thought "ha! she looks like sophie" then i looked away and looked back staring in awe "she looks JUST like sophie from the back!" then i got nina "nina look how much that girl looks like sopho!" nina "she really does! you should take a photo!" me "is that kinda creepy?" nina "nah just do it really quick" me "yeah i kind of have to".

even sophie herself is bamboozled so we figured we have to find out who this imposter is. she doesn't just look like her either! even her gestures and general movements were SIGNATURE SOPHIE.

this is how my brain works... i think i'll google 'sophie braham' and a photo of her twin will come up under 'images'. it was a stupid stupid thought that makes zero sense and anyway this was the first thing that came up...

that means nothing to anyone. good one keeping an anonymous internet presence braham.

so if you know anything about the girl in the above photo, PLEASE let us know. all we know so far is this:

- she looks JUST like sophie from the back
- she was spotted at the COFA annual on wednesday night: to be precise, on the top level where they had the giant cushion in the room (ezzy thought it was a giant goon bag obviously)
- she was last seen carrying a video camera bag? (unconfirmed)
- she has at least one friend with a blue top (possibly more)

my new year's resolution is for sophie to meet her doppelganger. wouldn't it be just the weirdest if they became friends? maybe she could give us her review of 'australia' on movestill.

"play some crookers bro"

if you’re at a crookers show, you’ve heard their remixes at any given club played by any given dj or on that 'onelove' compilation they did. no need to sing along to the tracks loudly so everyone knows you know them. you're not even singing lyrics. you're singing along to an airhorn. ridiculous.


you probably think that i haven't been blogging because i've just been lazy on account of summertime parties but man you are wronger than anything i could imagine. i have just been watching this youtube clip of DMX's movie on repeat.

there's just no way this went straight to video. whoops on you, hollywoodland.

(p.s. pretty sure that glass is bullet proof, that’s why they don’t just shoot their way out)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Public Poll: should movestill get multiplatform?

Movestill TV?

Surely we can do better, like, than these guys, like, seriously?

On Language, Part 2: Log Off 4Chan (Episode 15) from ImJustSayin on Vimeo.

I Actually, like, totes, like, love these girls!

But, like, seriously now.

Movestill TV

Would you watch it??!!!


We haven't done this in a year?! May they be more regular in 2k9.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So Anna...?

Link thieved from Peach & Shag's blog, which I read.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



Doesn't the whole evolving world of internets keep bringing in the LOLs?

Again noted by the old (who could/should add an practicing internet researcher AND accomplished file manager prefix to his name), you need to be all over TUMBLER, VIMEO, TINYURLS and TWITTER thesedayzzz!!!1

Can you believe tinyurls is an online function that make BIG URL addresses into TINY URL addressed. NOT TO BE MISSED.


Poor old Shaq got fucked over. Guys, you should really be following THE_REAL_SHAQ, not ShaquilleONeal




PS. I’m now following Tina Fey and Kayne West on Twitter.
Kanye asks: ‘What inspires you family? - 3:32 PM Nov 19th from web. DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Around the world

I woke up at 5 am this morning. I hadn't set an alarm or anything, I just had too many ideas and work thoughts swimming around my head and once I'd focused on one an avalanche of ideas swamped me and I couldn't get back to sleep.

But, the 5 am wake up did allow me time for the unusual pleasure of reading the weekend newspaper in it's entirety. I usually only find the time to flick through the Spectrum and Good Weekend (because I love The Arts, just like Sopho) as I am running out the door, coffee in one had, bag/notepad/phone/wallet/magazines/cute fashion accessory in the other...

Now, I understand it is Saturday so I can't expect the world's best news pieces, but on the first page of the "World News" section, I found the following stories:

US Power wanes in an unstable world
A leading US intelligence agency has warned that by 2025 Western-style Democracy will have lesser influence as Independent communities and agencies develop their significance in global networks. Duh.

Taliban's Fall Does Little For Zarghona
Puff piece about a 30 year old Afghan widow who spends her days "sitting in a tiny smoke-blackened shed, cross-legged" baking bread in a hole. Heart-strings.

Material Girl to Keep Her Millions
Well done, Madonna. Well done.

Boy Dies After Using too Much Deodorant
It was Lynx 'Vice' spray (hilarious, if sardonicism is your thing)

And a photograph of the $30 Million opening (financial crisis? What financial crisis?) of the Atlantis theme park on Dubai's man-made island, Palm Jumeirah. Kylie performed, and SMH tells me Rupert Everett, Lindsay Lohan, and Opera were in attendance.

A quick Google shows Lily was there too and, by the looks of it, she loved the Fireworks display

If I had wanted waffles for breakfast, I would have baked them myself (Ohhh! Hahahaha! Ohhh! Hilarrrr!!)

... but seriously... what a load of crap


Movestill's French correspondent Mathieu, is acting all [typically] French at the moment.

Relocating to le sud de la France (avoiding the Australian summer, the 'colourful' people of Newtown and any festive season functions that involve my family), eating baguettes and wedges at MacDonalds (not at the same time), and researching anti-Justice blog posts on the internet (pardon, Joustice).

FOR EXAMPLE: (found somewhere online and forwarded to me)

'The internet has been buzzing with rumors that Justice didn't play live at their recent gig at Manchester's Warehouse Project, based on a photo that showed Gaspard Augé working a MIDI controller that mysteriously hadn't been plugged in.

While the levels of schadenfreude have reached epic proportions quite quickly, Justice has shot back with the claim that they indeed noticed soon after the picture was taken that the equipment had not been plugged in and quickly rectified the situation.

As you can see from the evidence below, clearly Augé thought he was doing something with the machine with a black control screen and no power attached at the beginning of their set, while the photos from Warehouse Project's official site shows the screen later on as blue and—presumably—turned back on.'


Thursday, November 20, 2008


A kitten with two faces was born in Perth last night. FO REALZ. Apparently this wiggy little miracle of nature can meow simultaneously out of both mouths but can only eat with one. A local news website reported that while the kitten is yet to be named, the owner is considering calling it Quasi Modo.

Um, wow.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Would you like to hear a story?

Last night Claire Collins and I, along with 3000 of Baz's Luhrmann's closest friends, were lucky enough to attend the world premiere of Baz Luhrmann's Australia.

I was 2 layers of uninvited: triple J's Marieke Hardy gave Claire her tickets, and Claire kindly took me along.

We had to hand in our phones and cameras at the start so we didn't leak any information or take any photos during the movie. In return we got a green raffle ticket, which we promptly lost. I also didn't actually hand in my camera and proceeded to take some prizewinning illegal photographs, until I got caught by a surprisingly mild-mannered security guard.

As karma for violating Baz's copyright, I lost my camera at the afterparty later that night, including all the photos I hadn't yet uploaded from my coming-of-age overseas trip 4 months ago. Gone forever is the video I took of Aggy dancing to the Black Lips at Coachella and several photos of black dogs.

Our assignment for the evening was to track down adorable Aboriginal child-starlet Brandon Walters. It proved slightly more difficult than originally thought on account of the several decoy Aboriginal children scattered throughout George street cinema, and the fact that Pip Edwards has exactly same hair as he does.

Every time I swore I saw Brandon, it turned out to be Pip.

Guests were seated in numbered cinemas throughout the George Street complex according to their ranking in Baz Luhrmann's eyes. Accordingly, Claire and I were seated in Cinema Number 1, along with the upper echelons of Sydney's Media. The feeling of elation that came from watching a movie with Fernando Frisoni and Jackie O was quickly replaced by the feeling of extreme boredom that came from watching a movie about cattle.

But when we weren't exchanging sarcastic comments and complaining about how much we missed our phones, I gradually began to enjoy the cartoonish Baz aesthetic - sky that is not the colour of sky, technicolour bruises, and heaps of silhouettes. It was also a joy to see Ben Mendelsohn make it in to the movie (has there ever been an Australian film he hasn't been in?) as well as Jacek Koman - that guy with the enormous forehead from Secret Life Of Us and Moulin Rouge.

One of the interesting things about watching movies with George Negus and Marcia Hines is that you pay extra attention to audience reaction. It was particularly fascinating to hear the audience lol at all the wrong moments. Every time Hugh Jackman emerged glistening from the water, or Nicole Kidman said some uncomfortably trite line ("Let's go home, there's no place like it") the audience could barely stifle their guffaws. In this sense, Baz has failed in creating a modern romantic classic. Audiences aren't as sentimental and willing to suspend reality as those that saw Gone With The Lol back in the day. We are resistant to cliches and will most likely refuse to canonise lameness- I personally can't wait to never see Australia again.

I'm not sure what Ruby Rose or Matthew Newton thought, but I found the stolen generation aspect the most interesting dimension of the movie. It's given much more screen-time than I had expected, and I'm keen to hear what people in the know have to say about its representation. I tend to think it was pretty well done, but will also be easily swayed by any contrary opinions that portray Baz as a middle-class cunt in a cravat. And while it might be easy to take issue with the supply of alcohol to an aboriginal minor and the bizarre post-script about Kevin Rudd's apology, you can't argue with the hilarious portrayal of Hugh Jackman as someone pretending to understand Indigenous culture. He's pretty much the 1930's equivalent of a white woman wearing a sari/kimono.

The afterparty of Baz Luhrmann's Australia was held at Sydney Hotspot The Ivy, and we were driven there by chartered buses playing stirring instrumentals from the soundtrack. The Ivy, decorated to replicate the Mission Ball scene and looking as enchanting as a small indigenous child, was a bit disorienting at first.

Keeping with the non-vegetarian spirit of the movie, there were off-putting amounts of meat being served. It was also a really different crowd to what we were used to- it was weird going to an event and not seeing Danny Clayton.

Claire was then faced with unusually complex questions of etiquette: what happens if a middle-level celeb you know is talking to someone even more famous, would going to say hello look as though she was trying to muscle in on the action? For e.g. would it be imprudent to interrupt Dan Wylie's conversation with Geoffrey Rush?

Gradually we settled in to a comfortable rhythm. Inspired by Thorpie (also spotted chatting to Dan Wylie), we commenced lap after lap of the Ivy and pointed out celebs at a rapidly efficient rate.
Sample dialogue

Claire: Veronicas.
Sophie: lol

And finally. There he was. Sitting with his lovely family: the unmistakable star of BL's A: Brandon Walters. The. Adorable. Aboriginie.

We probably could've just asked for a picture with him, but we were way too startstruck. So instead I took this:


So anyway, would you like to see a collage?
Well it's a college of all the celebrities we spotted throughout the night, featuring proportional representation of the number of times we saw Wes Carr.

[click to enlarge]



Sopho, how was 'Australia'?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



And this is me with Amy Winehouse.

And this is a picture of someone who added me one facebook, who I was checking to see if I knew.

I didn't.

Can this profile pic pull any 'accepts'?

Friday, November 14, 2008

For Mat

Because he's gone home to France for a little while, and because he loves André

Bonjour Mat! x

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Last week The Brag published a review of rap child-prodigy Rye Rye which has been on my mind since the day I read it. Before I get into it I need to explain that the review does involve me personally, but I genuinely don’t mean to be self involved here – it’s just that it bought up a really interesting topic. Basically, the author posed this question regarding the support act, Hoops:

"Do the Hoops girls not see any irony in playing largely misogynistic rap jams while dancing on stage? If they do, well it's feminism at its finest...but I wonder." *

Well, I am in Hoops. But this didn’t offend me. In fact I thought the review was overwhelming supportive and the question was intelligent and quite frankly refreshing. The thing that I found interesting here was that the legitimacy of my right to play rap music was questioned because I’m a woman and rap music is woman hating.

In recent years, the right of representation in music - or in other words the right to really, legitimately be able to play particular styles of music - has been heavily culturally dependent. When M.I.A's "Bucky Done Gun" was released Diplo's production was criticized for its appropriation of traditional Brazilian Baile funk samples and style. And yet when Bonde de Role tracks featured very similar samples and the Baile funk style their right to producing and playing this genre went unquestioned because the whole band was Brazilian. This isn't to say that Bonde de Role should have been criticized but rather, why should anyone's ability to play any style of music be questioned because their cultural claim isn't 'authentic'?

I think in some ways the 'cultural right' debate has mellowed out a bit since the days when Arular was released, way back in 2005. "The Very Best" - a collaboration between the French and Swedish duo Radioclit and East African Esau Mwamwaya, went global last month without any criticism of cultural appropriation as far as I am aware, but then again perhaps it is the term "collaboration" that has made this more digestible.

I guess what really stood out for me here was the fact that I've always observed debates over cultural claims to playing particular styles of music, but for the first time I saw this shift to an emphasis on gender. In my opinion, music is more than lyrics and more than sounds. It's an experience. It's not just about the way it makes your body feel when you dance to it, its about the way it makes your body dance to the feelings the music instills in you. It's for that reason that I have no problem playing rap tracks, even if some of them might be a little misogynistic.

For the record I find female rappers like Trina and Khia ten times more crass and they objectify men just as badly as their male counterparts. Yo Majesty are probably worse than both of them and some of their lines, for example "suck on my HIV clit" objectify women's bodies just as badly as, if not worse than, your everyday Snoop track. But guys are never questioned for playing Trina and Yo Magesty has an overwhelming fan base from the lesbian community. If I had never experienced anything outside my culture or gender you probably wouldn't want to know me. So why you gotta hate on a shawty?

* FYI I am the holder of a BA in Gender Studies so I am more than aware of the irony AND a majority of the rap we play is Southern or West Coast (and more specifically Bay Area) which favours lyrics relating to local drug culture over misogynism.

Review of Baz Luhrmann's Australia

First there was the thousand year-long news commentary, then came the Walkabout campaign, and now even Baz himself has been popping up all over Darlinghurst.
And it's all in aid of reminding us that it's coming. Australia. The film that defines us as a nation and saves the Australian film industry.

Finally seeing Australia is an experience I would liken to watching The Lion King as an adult. The plot is familiar bundle of themes (Can we ever really escape our past? What will happen in this Cattle drive? Can he/she do it? YES HE/SHE CAN!, etc) that unravel in predictable formations over The Landscape.

Making Australia would be an experience I would liken to making that analogy about The Lion King: you're pretty fucking proud of it, confident that it captures the very essence of Australia/Australia, and whether it actually does or not is beside the point.

One of the most important essences of being Australian is having opinions about Nicole Kidman, and each Nicole-drenched frame of this film is like a call to arms. Kidman's onscreen accent is startlingly similar to her own trans-Atlantic confection, and her face is so weird and plastic-y that she is pitch perfect as the uptight British Aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley, an interloper left in charge of a cattle station in Northern Australia.

In spite of the many meaningful gazes exchanged between Lady S.A and the Drover, there is little need for her and Hugh Jackman to do the necessary groundwork to establish chemistry; we've already seen them groping each other inappropriately on the front cover of Woman's Weekly.

Baz is a New-Sincerity film-maker. He is on the record as saying this film aims to channel the Gone With The Wind-esque romantic tropes of days gone by. But we’re a bit savvier that the audience from those days, and it’s nearly impossible to forget that it’s anyone but NICOLE KIDMAN and HUGH JACKMAN on the screen.

The fact that Nicole and Hugh are two of our best Hollywood exports suggests that while the film may be about us, it is not necessarily for us. The same applies to the Walkabout ad: so what if we’ve continually mistreated Aborigines and their communities are breaking down, people from overseas are going to lose their shit over our magical natives!

But Baz remains the master manipulator of emotion, or at least of my emotions.

My PC-Arts-degree antennae disappeared as I became genuinely affected by the swirly dark waters of the Northern Territory, and then when Sybilla Budd CAME BACK AS KATE!!11

And I won't give away the ending of Australia, but between the exquisite long shots of the wide brown land coupled with the haunting voice of Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu, and the frankly ADORABLE head of Brandon Walters, it would be unfair on Baz and the Australian film industry to say that I didn't enjoy this movie.

However, the excessive marketing juggernaut surrounding the release of Australia has tarnished the experience of judging it on its own merits. It feels as though you've already seen it when you haven't, and it feels a bit like you've just been on a boring primary school excursion to Olde Sydney Town when you've actually just seen Baz Luhrmann's Australia.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Sadly, I haven't watched much Australian Idol this year. I haven't even been to ONE live show (Sopho? Chokesy?)

HOWEVER, I've watched enough to to swear that I've seen Australian Idol contestant Wes Carr before. Perhaps riding around Surry Hills on a fixed gear bike? Working at American Apparel? A KOL? AND I'm giving him props for the fact that he actually sings semi-interesting songs that match his whole trendy-facial-hair-and-smart-casual-flanos look he's pulling off. PLUS he beats any of the past ROCKDUDES/ROCKCHICKS in Idol history.

BUT LOL, he's also the biggest MJ fan in the world.



He got a touchdown. (R.I.P Holden)

Sunday, November 9, 2008


GOOGLE has done a 'Muscles'. Kinda.

If you're aware of music blog Palm Out Sounds, you'd know that each Sunday they post a 'Remix Sunday'.

It's mostly a giant LOL, generally posting a weekly collection of bedroom remixes. Having said that, it's a blog that I always find myself returning to.


Last week they posted this.

Similarly to the Muscles post, I can't be bothered paraphrasing. Please enjoy the post in it's entirety below.
Oh and here is a picture of Muscles to break up the whole too-many-words-in-a-post thang. (HAPPY NEHA?)

A Brief Word About Remix Sunday

For all of you who are wondering what has happened with Remix Sunday, let me offer a brief explanation:

Google, the IFPI & the RIAA have begun a campaign against all the music blogs hosted on - especially high profile blogs, like Palms Out.

This first started a couple of months ago, but only hit Palms Out about a month ago.

Without warning, Google removed three old posts from the blog, and offered no explanation. They then followed by removing Remix Sunday 131, and 132- and offered a brief explanation. Keep in mind, there is no actual copyrighted content uploaded by Palms Out that is hosted on any of Google's servers, only hyperlinks.

Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog infringes upon the copyrights of others. The URL(s) of the allegedly infringing post(s) may be found at the end of this message.

The DMCA is a United States copyright law that provides guidelines for online service provider liability in case of copyright infringement. We are in the process of removing from our servers the links that allegedly infringe upon the copyrights of others. If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits. See for more information about the DMCA, and see for the process that Blogger requires in order to make a DMCA complaint.

Blogger can reinstate these posts upon receipt of a counter notification pursuant to sections 512(g)(2) and 3) of the DMCA.

We are in the process of file counter claims because we get permission to post the music on Palms Out, and we don't believe we have done anything wrong, but unfortunately, Google is not playing by the rules. They only offer us the URL of the removed blog posts, they don't tell us which link is causing the problem. This means that we cannot reference any content in our counterclaims.

Our only solution is to move the whole site to our own server. But we are all busy people, and there are many hurdles. Asit stand right now, we are about 75% ready with a new site hosted at, but we are having a major problem importing all the past content.

Please bear with us, we are not dying, we are not over. We are only just getting started.

if any of you are wordpress experts and would like to lend a hand - please drop a line to

Oh and a word to Google: whatever happened to your slogan "Don't Be Evil"? Why would you succumb to the disgusting tactics of the IFPI/RIAA? Especially when you have no legal obligation to remove a hyperlink? Any employees are more than welcome to offer an answer, no one has responded to our inquiries yet.

And for anyone else who is pissed off about this, complain! Write google emails, letters, write blog posts about this, do whatever you can to draw attention to this, and maybe we can reverse this process.

Love, Palms Out.

For me, this means that I can't conveniently go to one site for a weeks worth of not-that-good remixes. BUT I'm pretty PRETTY confident that within the crazy world of the internet, some other blog will start getting more recognition for doing the same thing. The whole collection-of-mp3-posts concept, is not a world first.

For the people behind Palm Out Sounds, they'll probably lose hits. And they sell advertising on their site, so that can't be a good thing. But then is that to say that they are making money off other people's work?

Yeah, probably like 10 cents more than the bedroom DJ who added a baltimore club beat to Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Again, I don't know where to stand or if I could be bothered to stand anywhere. If your blog is renowned for posting mp3s, and you're getting heaps of hits - possible making a profit from it, some corporate entity WILL eventually get you. IF THEY COULD BE BOTHERED.

Hype Machine still exists, right? And so do millions of other blogs that do EXACTLY the same thing as the Remix Sunday posts.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008


A text I got earlier this week that included the sentence:

'I should also let you know that I don't lie these days.'

THANKS BABE. And I thought text messages were designed for dishonesty.

It was a little weird, but cute... d'you think?

PLEASE NOTE: I never actually considered the sender a liar.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What an amazing day. What an amazing speech. What an event to have experienced.

WELL DONE Obama. It blows my mind that one man can inspire hope in so many people. Someone in my office just said "today is the first day of the twenty first century" and I kind of think he might be right.

Here's to change, y'all!



Dear CNN,
Never EVER stop using this technology.
Maybe you can interview Flo-rida? Or Snob Scrilla. Here in Australia, they are the same people.
Maybe your new President can make it a law or some shit.


For reals.
CNN are interviewing HOLOGRAMS as part of their election coverage.

so bad, they're good

i've watched the below movies for the first time, in the last four days.

some things to note

1. here is a better response.

2. i've started bikram yoga. i was really nervous for the first class because my stupid friend rachel flaked so i was alone. i'd heard all the horror stories so obviously expected to pass out and die. at first i was killing it and thought i was some undiscovered bikram champ or something but about 45 minutes in, it got really painful. we did 26 postures (each twice) and learnt two breathing exercises. it is annoying when people get preachy about some new "thing" they've started or tried or discovered and force it upon you but if you've ever thought about doing it, then definitely try it- and don't judge it by the first session, go to at least four. but SERIOUSLY, it is so good and i can already feel it. i have been sleeping so well and my allergies seem to be gone. you really do get used to the heat too (anyways i hate being cold as you all know).

3. russell brand in sass & bide 'black rats' leggings.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I LOLed when I heard.

So did


I don't want to be all M.I.A just sent this to me, but M.I.A just sent this to me.

And if Obama loses, "THEY WILL RIOT!".

On her request, pass it around.


Well B, you've done your bit!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Cultural Cringe

Jessica Mauboy can be proud in the knowledge that her new hit single 'Running Back feat. Flo Rida' is Kyle Sandilands' fave tune of the moment, even if it isn't Flo Rida's. (Source: The Kyle & Jackie O Show, 'Have Breakfast With the Stars!')

Flo Rida's contribution to the track was clearly recorded in a booth somewhere in America, and although the press around the single makes a big deal about him shooting the clip in Melbourne earlier this year, he and Jess are never in the same shot.

Fortunately, the Battered Wife Syndrome narrative of the song neatly allows for his absence and her continued pining- “I keep comin' back (I keep runnin' back) And I keep runnin' back (I keep comin' back) And I keep comin, I keep runnin' back”, etc.

Flo Rida's rap is pretty interesting. He complains that girls are SO ANNOYING cos they have no self-respect, they're always wanting to take the guy back and give the relationship another chance, even if he's been cheatin'.

The video features Jess crooning on a balcony, and Flo shuffling around alone in a sparse hotel room, spliced back-to-back in a way that probably nurses Jess's delusion that she's, like, going out with him or something, while he's all “she can't...move...on”.

And she hasn't. Flo Rida is number 1 in Jess's Top Friends on MySpace (Jess is nowhere to be seen in his) and her bio employs one of the most embarrassing tactics ever, from the same journalistic family as NW's “A source close to the couple says...”

Here's what a source close to Jessica Mauboy has to say on how much Flo Rida likes Jessica Mauboy:
When today's hottest rapper is lost for words on hearing a new soulstress, she must be a future superstar. But it's an even bigger deal if that divette is Australian.

Flo Rida was stunned by Jessica Mauboy's crunk 'n' B hit 'Running Back'. "He couldn't believe it," Mauboy relates with a bashful laugh. "He was just like, 'What! She's an Australian artist? Where is she? What is she doing? Is she bringing out an album?' He was basically asking all the questions. He was really keen to know."

Anyway, don't worry Jess, STAY STRONG, you'll find someone else! Not only were you were a total doll on Idol, but you've gotten heaps skinny, AND you don't have dandruff!




I am the most gullible person I know and even I wouldn't run with that one...

When you vote tomorrow... please please please please please vote Obama. Please. Like, please.

If you're interested, you can listen to the follow up interview with the radio host here


Why has George Negus, while covering the US Presidential elections from Washington, decided to wear this piece of statement jewellery?

I mean he has great taste and all, I'm pretty sure he's sporting something from the same range as the beautiful Elke Kramer necklace that Neha, Ezzy and Anna gave me for my birthday, but I just don't know if it says 'informed and insightful political analysis'.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Reminds me of the time my mum got me a giant paper bag to 'dress up' as the "Paper Bag Princess" for Book Week.


movestill didn't watch the above video before we decided to cut sick on friday night. we thought it wasn't so bad until we logged on to facebook today and saw 400 albums of girls at "HALLOWEEN 08!" dressed as sexy.

our favourite babe heidi klum killed it though. other religion's are creepy!