Wednesday, November 5, 2008

some things to note

1. here is a better response.

2. i've started bikram yoga. i was really nervous for the first class because my stupid friend rachel flaked so i was alone. i'd heard all the horror stories so obviously expected to pass out and die. at first i was killing it and thought i was some undiscovered bikram champ or something but about 45 minutes in, it got really painful. we did 26 postures (each twice) and learnt two breathing exercises. it is annoying when people get preachy about some new "thing" they've started or tried or discovered and force it upon you but if you've ever thought about doing it, then definitely try it- and don't judge it by the first session, go to at least four. but SERIOUSLY, it is so good and i can already feel it. i have been sleeping so well and my allergies seem to be gone. you really do get used to the heat too (anyways i hate being cold as you all know).

3. russell brand in sass & bide 'black rats' leggings.


sophie said...

lol! at russell brand wearing those leggings, unflattering even on a girl yet PERFECT on him. you know supre has an imitation pair of these at the moment (along with quite a few other good options). but KNOWING SUPRE they ae probably miraculously uncomfortable and poorly cut, yet still over-priced. I might get some.

neha said...

oh soph, i KNOW! i tried them on and they looked SO bad. i was really pissed off. i almost bought them in the hope that i'd wake up with sarah-jane clarke's body.

i walked past (not in) supre yesterday and saw "i'm beached as bro" t-shirts in the window.

nina said...

Supre was in the NOT column in the S pages. Or maybe Z-List.
"$135 for poorly made dresses?"

alex said...

russell brand is such a d-bag for ringing that girl's grandfather.