Sunday, November 30, 2008

sorry, who is this?

"why are you posting a photo of sophie's back?"

the person in the photo above is NOT sophie.

what is up with that?

EXACTLY. on wednesday night at the COFA annual, i spotted this girl and thought "sophie?" and realised it wasn't and thought "ha! she looks like sophie" then i looked away and looked back staring in awe "she looks JUST like sophie from the back!" then i got nina "nina look how much that girl looks like sopho!" nina "she really does! you should take a photo!" me "is that kinda creepy?" nina "nah just do it really quick" me "yeah i kind of have to".

even sophie herself is bamboozled so we figured we have to find out who this imposter is. she doesn't just look like her either! even her gestures and general movements were SIGNATURE SOPHIE.

this is how my brain works... i think i'll google 'sophie braham' and a photo of her twin will come up under 'images'. it was a stupid stupid thought that makes zero sense and anyway this was the first thing that came up...

that means nothing to anyone. good one keeping an anonymous internet presence braham.

so if you know anything about the girl in the above photo, PLEASE let us know. all we know so far is this:

- she looks JUST like sophie from the back
- she was spotted at the COFA annual on wednesday night: to be precise, on the top level where they had the giant cushion in the room (ezzy thought it was a giant goon bag obviously)
- she was last seen carrying a video camera bag? (unconfirmed)
- she has at least one friend with a blue top (possibly more)

my new year's resolution is for sophie to meet her doppelganger. wouldn't it be just the weirdest if they became friends? maybe she could give us her review of 'australia' on movestill.


sophie said...

this is freaking me out so much- i love it.

she even has small clumps of product in a few strands of curls that I've always suspected I have. it's not easy to distribute evenly!

Who are you back double!

sophie said...

bet she cuts her own hair too.

sophie said...


anna said...


please note, have worked out how to sign in with blogger.

And please put my elaborate writing bio back up.


sophie said...

emma knows her! she works at berkelouw!

shaq said...

"she has at least one friend with a blue top (possibly more)" - lololol.

Hugely enjoyable spree of posts, Neha!

rosemary said...

Neha! Incredible. How massively disconcerting is imagining her turning around and suddenly not being sophie.


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