Saturday, November 22, 2008

Around the world

I woke up at 5 am this morning. I hadn't set an alarm or anything, I just had too many ideas and work thoughts swimming around my head and once I'd focused on one an avalanche of ideas swamped me and I couldn't get back to sleep.

But, the 5 am wake up did allow me time for the unusual pleasure of reading the weekend newspaper in it's entirety. I usually only find the time to flick through the Spectrum and Good Weekend (because I love The Arts, just like Sopho) as I am running out the door, coffee in one had, bag/notepad/phone/wallet/magazines/cute fashion accessory in the other...

Now, I understand it is Saturday so I can't expect the world's best news pieces, but on the first page of the "World News" section, I found the following stories:

US Power wanes in an unstable world
A leading US intelligence agency has warned that by 2025 Western-style Democracy will have lesser influence as Independent communities and agencies develop their significance in global networks. Duh.

Taliban's Fall Does Little For Zarghona
Puff piece about a 30 year old Afghan widow who spends her days "sitting in a tiny smoke-blackened shed, cross-legged" baking bread in a hole. Heart-strings.

Material Girl to Keep Her Millions
Well done, Madonna. Well done.

Boy Dies After Using too Much Deodorant
It was Lynx 'Vice' spray (hilarious, if sardonicism is your thing)

And a photograph of the $30 Million opening (financial crisis? What financial crisis?) of the Atlantis theme park on Dubai's man-made island, Palm Jumeirah. Kylie performed, and SMH tells me Rupert Everett, Lindsay Lohan, and Opera were in attendance.

A quick Google shows Lily was there too and, by the looks of it, she loved the Fireworks display

If I had wanted waffles for breakfast, I would have baked them myself (Ohhh! Hahahaha! Ohhh! Hilarrrr!!)

... but seriously... what a load of crap

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Shag said...

How weird that Lily Allen got invited. I'd love to see a collage of those invitees.