Monday, January 19, 2009

I love ya, tomorrow

Today, I bought the most wonderful new Grouper 12" and ate gluten-free pizza, frozen yoghurt and read xlr8r. I also found a copy of Arthur... from July 2008. I didn't realise the date when I picked it up! That hiccup aside, it was a wonderful day.


1) I am getting a tattoo

2) I am seeing Department of Eagles at the Bowery Ballroom and Francis and The Lights at the Grasslands Gallery

3) I am being interviewed for Nine MSN Australia on my recent Facebook hacking incident - Even when in New York the hacker haunts/taunts me!

I do miss Facebook, I must admit. I was at a party last night and was talking to a guy when I had to leave and he said "What's your Facebook, I'll add you!" to which I responded with a lengthy and unnecessary explanation of the 'incident' and saw him fall asleep on his feet. Don't blame him, it is a pretty lame story. But hopefully Nine MSN get some millage out of it!

One thing I miss about The Old is the celebrity stalking. Not your regular stars, but those "STARZ" of Facey that regularly update their status with wildly inappropriate social commentary, upload picture evidence of how wasted they were the past weekend and how many people they made out with, and promote parties and shows I never want to know about let alone pay $15 to walk into. I also miss the ease with which you can stay in touch with people. I do have a mobile phone and four email accounts, but without a Facebook I don't get invited to birthday parties and I don't understand the majority of personal jokes my friends make with each other because most of the time they are about the aforementioned celebs and what photos they've posted of themselves that hour. I wonder what MC Gaffy would have to say about my not having a Facey profile?

Another thing I loved and miss? It is like an online dating service. Check out a guy's profile, look at his interests (fave books, films, music), check out his friends and photo galleries, and THEN decide whether to proceed or click-on-by. Without that, what is a single lady like myself to do?

Maybe the Nine MSN feature reporter is cute!


sophie said...

Michaella! What tattoo are you getting?

neha said...

I second that question!!!

Anonymous said...

francis and the lights are not playing glasslands, the band called "lights" is, a completely different group.

Michaella said...

Ohhh I thought The Lights were supporting Francis and the Lights! Ha! Thanks for the heads up

Shag said...

Tattoo tattoo tattoo!?

burnslog said...

please please tell me that you're getting a tattoo of a dolphin with angel wings and the text 'magik happens' wrapped around it?

nina said...

OR 'babe' in Ye Oldie English Type?