Thursday, January 22, 2009

dude it's justin

i started running my mouth about bon iver when i was introduced to his record last july. tonight i finally got to see him live. it really was unforgettable, it just doesn't get much better than this. having listened to these songs countless times in the privacy of my own room or in my headphones, it was almost unsettling at first to be in this big theatre watching him perform them to an audience. i've felt such a connection to this record that i really thought no one got it like i did. but of course everyone who hears it, gets it. anyway i will use point form to get to the point:

- show of 2009 already
- his voice was perfect
- the songs sounded exquisite at city recital hall (great acoustics)
- highlight was 'the wolves act 1 & 2' (refer to image below)
- 'lump sum' was staggering
- actually scrap that, they whole set was a series of mini highlights
- used an amazing steel drum looking coppery guitar in 'skinny love'
- it was a lot more 'noise' than i thought it would be. the band totally jammed out hard a couple of times- feedback steez
- crowd participation was required in two songs
- jonah hill is in his band
- sometimes jonah's percussion was really not in time and we were trying to figure out if he was shit or if it was like in keeping with his whole D.I.Y. imperfect sound on the record
- the drummer did a 'spacey' cover of a talk talk song which brought the yawns and was the cue for 'toilet break'
- the other member, the guitarist, sits on a stool cus he's really short
- i'm going to try to see bon iver tomorrow and friday probably at the famous spapghettitent
- he may or may not be playing a secret gig this saturday too

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alex said...

Jonah wasn't wearing shoes on the first night.

I inwardly collapsed during Creature Fear.