Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Beaches are the kind of group you WISH you could be a member of. They have a Chloe Sevigny appeal; they are cooler and much more musical than you, I or anyone we know will ever be.

Gushing aside, they are working on their debut currently, due for release on Mistletone in September. Sandy is their first offering - a sprawling 6 minute psyche-tinged garage track, with whispered harmonies and crashing drums that build to a hypnotic, almost tribal end. Just when you think the song is about to build into a deafening thumping final, it quietens and fades out.

Sandy (zshare)

Looking back at recent posts, I seem a little obsessed with lo fi chick tunes at the moment - Little Boots, Emmy The Great, Flornce and The Machine, etc etc etc...

How many, how many, Boys there? MIA, I hear ya.

PS.... Beaches are playing the 2am Pony show this weekend. If you live in Melbourne head along! I used to love the 2am show. I never knew who was playing but always rocked up excited and anticipating greatness. Sometimes the bands were so shit but I loved them regardless (young and naieve and far from home anything sounds amazing!)


Anonymous said...

Posts as good as this one make, makes me turn a blind eye to your unfortunate looking banner.

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I love you, anonymous. But I also love our banner

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is levins the banner guy?