Tuesday, September 9, 2008

King Hit!

Earlier this year Heaps Decent babes the King Sisters sat in a studio with Pase Rock and Chris Devlin and wrote a track.

9 months later, like a newly born baby, the track is ready for our ears.

An excerpt from Heapsdecent.com explains:

Devlin got to work on a hot beat while Pase helped the girls write some lyrics. Everyone was obsessed with Soulja Boy at the time so naturally every line had to be about cranking something. After a few vocal takes we were happy enough to go get Vietnamese. Devlin took the vocals and beat back to Philly (read: Boston) and hooked up with Ghostdad to add that wobbly bass we hear kids on the internet like so much. After a few months of “Dude have you finished that track yet” emails, the track was finished. Alright!!

We met Heather and Janey through some of the girls we worked with at Juniperina with M.I.A. Heather was 15 when we met her and was an avid singer and dancer. Each week she brought someone new with her to the studio; her sister, her friends and one time her mum came in to lay down a verse. When Radioclit were in town they got Heather to sing on one of Esau Mwamwaya’s beats with Ears. After recording some thirty takes with Radioclit, Heather commented that the experience “wasn’t as fun as when Spank Rock were here”.

Buy it on Itunes here. 100% of the proceeds from Heaps Decent releases are injected straight back into the Heaps Decent project, which works with volunteers in Australia to provide music tutorship and education for underpriveledged and indiginous Australian youths.

For more information about Heaps Decent and the workshops they offer, head to heapsdecent.com

Now, to celebrate, party like mad!


Pase Rock said...

woorrrdd. that's dope. good shit. But Chris lives in Boston.

Michaella said...

thanksssss pase! fixed