Friday, February 13, 2009

The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach

Last night I had dinner at my new favourite restaurant. I've been planning to try it out since it opened 6 months ago and finally got there yesterday with my two gorgeous friends Anna and Catherine. It was delightful! Trendy but not obnoxious, delicious food and wine that wasn't too expensive, and sizes large enough to share between a few but not so large that once you've tried everything you feel absolutely stuffed.

Enjoy the family dinner there tonight Nina!


Shag said...

They'll make you a 'vegan surprise' if you're vegan and don't want to simply take the cheese/honey out of one of the vegetarian options (I'm not vegan though).

They also have a risotto with Pimms, but you can't taste the Pimms.

Cabbage Soup Diet said...

I thought that this is how you make a man happy. I didn't know that it worked in the reverse!

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