Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tips for surviving The Recession/Climate Change

I thought I'd share some helpful tips for survival during these tough times (conflated due to lack of understanding of either).

1. It seems unnecessarily wasteful and environmentally unsustainable for every person to have their own Facebook page. By now everyone should really be Sharing A Profile. Faceying with Nina (and Joel Amos for a brief moment there) has been extremely rewarding.

For one thing, I'm not as debilitatingly addicted as I once was, yet I still know when The Gauge Breakers are playing. Another plus is that my friendship circle has expanded to include Diplo, A-Trak, Kinga Burza, Wil Anderson, DJ AM and Wagga's most passionate anti-Israel campaigner; Michael Agzarian.

Stay tuned for '25 Random Things About Us' [...16. We met when Nina barked at me to re-do a voice for a promo she was making for Peach & Shag's 1-year anniversary show on FBi. 17. We keep Newtown store Yasime's afloat. 18. I DJ with Nina's boyf Mathieu, we play mainly back-to-back Crystal Castles tracks...]

2. Why bother with all this Bali shit? Don't waste all that aeroplane fuel and money, Go On A Fake Holiday instead. Over Christmas I took a few days off work to go on a pretend trip to sleepy coastal town Bendelong, with a group of fictional friends (one of them has a beach house there).

We had such a great time! We even made a roster and each of us took turns in cooking meals. We could get all the basics from the corner store, or one of us would drive to Nowra (about an hour and a halfa away) to buy goats cheese and Porcini mushrooms. One of the nicest things about Bendelong was that there was a pretty little bay to take a dip in, perfect for those of us who weren't wild about the beach! I returned from my mini-break feeling very refreshed, it's great to just get away.

3. Jam The Word 'Recession' In To Any Context And Conversation And Weekly Modular Party.
Driving past Charlie Brown on Oxford St the other day, I noticed a sale advertised on the shopfront window that said: 'What Recession?!?!'

I couldn't quite figure out how referencing the economic crisis could possibly entice people to spend money on leopard-print silk wrap-dresses embellished with purple and yellow gems, but I did feel like I understood global economics a lot better.

Sorr about the lack of visual stimulus accompanying this tip, I did actually take a photo (while driving, cool!) but accidentally deleted it the other day while freeing up some memory in my phone (another little thing everyone can do help combat climate change).

Exclusively wear sweet Vintage Dresses.

5. Replace All Your Light Bulbs With Energy-Saving Globes.


Rose said...

pertinent / lol!!!!

Elliot said...

I never realised the damage I was doing to the environment by being on Facebook. Now to reduce my FB footprint....

rose said...

if you plant two grow-a-gifts per 60mins of fb, you stay carbon neutral.

clrfrst said...

Neha should really be running Blackle analytics reports on Movestill traffic if you guys are serious about climate change / surviving The Recession (the latter being increasingly associated with fashion, and black is always fashionable).