Monday, February 2, 2009


last night's australian open men's final was such a great match. as hendo remarked "tennis is the real winner here". i was going for nadal but love both of them equally. it is insane to think that nadal is only 22 years old! just in the past year or so, i've really begun to notice how many young achievers are around. before it was like "wow! he's so young! what an inspiration!", now it's more a case of "shit i'm 2 years older than him".

while the spaniards are going to be unbeatable at the davis cup, the shiteous australian cricket team just keeps going from bad to worse this summer. last night's match against new zealand was so weird! first australia made a shit score of 181 which made everyone think new zealand would finish up in no time, but new zealand decided to ????? and the run rate was 1.8 for like the first 25 overs. meaning that in the end they needed 4 runs from 4 balls. two shit teams ended up making quite an exciting one-dayer!

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Elliot said...


This comment is brought to you by Sophie.

Roland said...

the really cutting thing is that federer's tears were about the future rather than the (then) present. the thought that now nadal can take it to him on hardcourt, there is nowhere left to hide and this scenario could play out over and over again at every tournament until federer cries himself out of professional tennis.

nadal and tsonga in the final next year.

neha said...

well that's exactly right. federer knows that he might never beat sampras' record now. his crying completely shifted the focus off nadal's victory and amazing performance in the australian open which was a bit unfair, i thought.

Roland said...

it was a bit unfair but certainly unintentional so i can understand/sympathise.

federer will definitely equal sampras' record at some point, and probably beat it, but not with the blazing hammertrain momentum that he has been up until fairly recently. he'll have to get it by collecting the straps when rafa is out of town or not on form

Roland said...


sophie said...

i really liked federer's tears. i found it reassuring to see that someone so superhumanly talented can be such a baby. there's something pathetically endearing about not being all stoic and proper and just collapsing in to tears because you really want to win. exhibit b:

recommended reading for you both (if you haven't already read it)- I also have a copy of his amazing essay about Tracy Austin which can be lended out.

Roland said...

"i found it reassuring to see that someone so superhumanly talented can be such a baby"

true. i think the crying (/susceptibility to nadal) is a good heroic flaw. one which makes him interesting rather than being a predictably bland winner like the williams sisters. i am quite anti-thewilliamssisters

neha said...

i thought the same thing about the crying but then hendo told me he's cried quite a few times which sort of made me think.... welllllll, c'mon now.