Monday, October 21, 2013

Cat Got Your Tongue

Photographer Hannah Price takes portraits of men moments after they catcall her in her series "City of Love". She describes the process in an interview with 'The Morning News': “Once a guy catcalls me, depending on the situation, I would either candidly take their photograph or walk up to them and ask if I can take their photograph. They usually agree and we talk about our lives as I make their portrait.”
This is such an endlessly fascinating idea, to turn the tables and remove the veil of anonymity that these men hide behind. I think most women, have at some point experienced the uncomfortableness of being heckled by guys on the street or in a car driving past. 
Sometimes it's aggressive, sometimes it's scary, sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's just stupid.  But the overwhelming reaction I have is contempt- how dare you make me feel unsafe and violated, even for a millisecond. I always think- what if this guy's girlfriend, mother, sister or daughter saw them right now.
Hannah Price's works are presented in a completely non-judgmental way- not vilifying these men, but rather showing us their humanity and ironically, vulnerability.

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