Friday, July 18, 2008


My friend Daniel and I were in an amazing supermarket in San Francisco and he started eating out of the pick-n-mix. Probs a Tootsie Roll or something. I found it really hot. Sadly he's a massive fag so it didn't go any further, but my new found love affair with theft has since flourished.

I'm in London now, and I think it's because of the lame Australian exchange rate (movestill: a freakin' fun currency blog) but I keep finding myself wanting to steal. I was in Topshop today and started to fantasize about pocketing a ring. It was cool, a giant flower. But it was £10, and I'm not really wearing rings at the moment. But it would be cool to own. It's just so big! I ended up leaving it behind because I heaps didn't feel like getting caught or deported. The whole moral dimension of stealing didn't really cross my mind.

When I was in Par, our bathroom was really hideous, so we had to buy incense to mask the stench. FIVE euros FFS! I just felt so entitled to steal it. But the same paranoid logic haunted me: get caught, deported. So bought the incense: hippy.

So was just wondering if anyone has stolen anything good lately? Grapes at the supermarket? Ideas? Someone else's boyfriend? Underwear (apparently stealing underwear is a universal teenage experience)?

Can you help me think of another reason I should not steal apart from that getting caught would be The Worst?


rose said...

daniel is such a babe.

emlevsss said...

OK i'm not even joking.
my housemate stole THAT ring a month ago from topshop.
she says you can have it.

Shag said...

Heaps web 2.0 asking for our opinion.