Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bitch Science

Sibling bands are super cool, just look at The Fiery Furnaces and recent Wainwright collaborations!

My latest fave bro/sis band is Sydney's ginger-haired Bitch Science. Mitch looks like Patrick Wolf and Kate looks a little like Aggy, but with a little more character (Sopho Neha thoughts?)

Bitch Science Pseudo Boy mp3 (ZShare)

Vote for them on Tripple J's Unearthed so we can hear their songs on national radio sooner rather than later

(((((BY THE WAY... If you've been a little freaked out by their kissing picture on Myspace don't let it bother you too much - Mitch and Kate aren't actually related. But there I go spoiling their fun.))))


sophie said...

DING! Mention Aggy and you have my undivided attention.

She's definitely stylish babe, but I don't think she looks that much like Aggy.

But I will say this, I have seen Aggy twice IRL! Sorry, just while we're on the topic...


Bitch Science their like puppets come 2 life we luv them!

Anonymous said...

STELLA from Estonia is worth to check out if you still dig sisters/brothers bands.

Anonymous said...

So hot right now

Kit said...

BITCH SCIENCE IS MY FAVE BAND EVZ. I love them and their siblin' pashingz. xo