Friday, July 25, 2008


the soup has been one of my favourite tv shows since like 2005. joel mchale is the perfect host. and with segments like chat stew, "chickssss maaaan", what the kids are watching, reality show clip time and let's take some E!... there really is something for everyone.

highlights have included the clip oft featured of oprah saying "my va-jay-jay is painin'!" while hanging from a harness and the one of whitney houston yelling "kiss my ass!" at her husband. my favourite has to be ann curry on the today show with "good morning, good morning everybody, in the news this morning, good morning."

anyway here's something.

and here's a photo of christina with joel mchale. she said "i love you" and he said "no i love YOU".... oh, joel!

and here are some photos of christina from her upcoming book "where's schroeter?".

wait what was i talking about?

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