Monday, July 21, 2008

I Heart Technology

Ever since I was like 5 I've been secretly waiting for the day that I could live like The Jetsons. I couldn't wait to have a robot maid or to eat a food supplement tablet for dinner or for my Dad to work at a sprocket factory. And the best bit was that it was all going to happen by the year 2000. I was pretty much set for life when those things came along. But then all of sudden the amazing technological advances Hanna-Barbara promised me just never happen. Wtf? Seriously, WTF? I think a little piece of me died inside when the millennium came and went and still I was yet to own a hover board. 

Well, today I was shown this and my dream of living like a Jetson just got a little bit closer. Its a digital e-paper bracelet. Basically, the old skool way of reading the newspaper in on the way out (I never got why they're always so ridiculously oversized anyways?) and this is the way of the future. So you wear it like a bracelet BUT it receives frequent news updates and you can straighten it out like a slap-band and read all the latest. Apparently these are due to be released in the next 5 years.



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