Wednesday, July 2, 2008

its been a while, but he's back on the blog

Do you think Jeezy took this before chatting with Jonathan?!

At first I thought this was Kanye just having a hilar, but then I read this:

On February the 27th, ABSOLUT® VODKA, the world’s most iconic spirits brand, will premiere Visionaries, a series of collaborations between ABSOLUT and some of the world’s leading creative lights in which the brand realizes their visions. Bold ideas that can only happen ‘In An ABSOLUT World’.

Just having a losing credibility, Mr West? Last week you disappoint the hippies by coming on stage hours and hours late and only performing half your set, and now you've teamed up with the world’s most iconic spirits brand... What would the hippies say now?

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alex said...

Yes but did you see WHY Kanye came on stage late and only performed half a set? In his own words:

Bitch is PISSED.