Friday, July 18, 2008


(sorrr about this pathetic post title... just having a slow morning)

Remember when I was talking about computer games taking over the world?

News broke overnight that Metallica are planning to release their next album Death Magnetic through Guitar Hero.

I get karaoke. You sing really loudly and out of tune and people can laugh at you and you can laugh at them. Peach's birthday karaoke last year was balla - we sung Spice Up Your Life and performed all the moves in sync. But Guitar Hero? Do you even get to make any sound at all? Apart from, of course, the sound of your fingers moving through air as you 'strum'...??

The worst thing about the whole project isn't the fact that Metallica are releasing another album, nor is it the notion that a computer game is an acceptable avenue through which music can be released world wide (how much is it to buy this game? $80? CDs cost $21.95!) The worst thing about this is that the Guitar Hero Metallica Xxxxperience is being released on September 22. My birthday. What a nice present.

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